Our new baby goatie! ♥ She's a sweetheart!

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As promised, here are some photos of the newest member of the herd!


This little cutie was born only 4 days ago!

Our big girl, Faline, usually gives birth to 2-3 babies, one time even 4, but this time around, she just had one, beautiful baby girl. We don't mind one bit though, she is a pretty little thing!


As excited as we are about the new baby, we are just as excited for the MILK!

Anyone who knows us know we LOVE our fresh, delicious, goat milk! And you just can't get that milk unless they have a baby, so this means in a couple of weeks, we will have plenty of milk again!


Now, you may be wondering if we are planning on keeping her or not.

We are undecided as of now. I DO want to keep one doeling this year. I have another doe yet to kid, however, and I want to wait and see what she has, since I can only keep one more. For that reason, we haven't named her yet.


She is a cutie-patootie though, and I wouldn't be sorry at all if she was the keeper!

Births on the homestead are not rare, but no matter how many new babies we see come into this world, it just never gets old. ♥



Thanks for stopping by to see our new goatie!! If she were yours, what would you name her?

Have a lovely day, and for those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!! ♥


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She is a keeper, you know it, so just go ahead and name her. Besides, she has seniority over the other one yet to come.

Bah ha ha! Shhhh! You dont know that!
Well, maybe she is... We shall see! :D

Babies are so adorable, no matter how many legs or wings or fingers. She just looks like she's looking for something to get into....

Thanks for a wonderful Christmas gift!

Goats are mischievous little stinkers for sure! Haha this one is no exception.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that your New Year is a blessed one! ♥


I'd name her Butterscotch. You're making me need goats. @buckaroo, lookie! A baby goat!

EVERYONE needs goats!
Haha, I like the name idea! We will keep that one in mind if we keep her! ♥

Oh my goodness there is so much cuteness in this post!!! She is absolutely adorable and I wish I could hold her ~ 🤗😍

Awww! Thanks! She is so cute and cuddly! I wish you could hold her too! ♥

That is a way too cute little billy, except it's a girl so is that a kid? Delightful little animal either way - funny that you only got one offspring this time - but maybe that makes this one special?

#thealliance #witness

Haha thanks! Its a girl. :)
Technically speaking, you call the baby boys bucklings, and the baby girls doelings. They used to call them billies and nannies, haha. I suppose they felt they needed to upgrade the terminology. (Who are THEY? The goat gods? LOL I dont know...)
She is quite special and sweet! If we have to let her go, it wont be easy!

She is so precious...love the name faline! Your daughter certainly seems smitten...it'll be tough to pull that little sweet thing away from the family right? Merry Christmas @squishysquid!

Yep, the kids named all our goats! We have a Ninja, Faline, Pixie, Ella, Luna, Didgeridoo, and Scootaloo! They are quite creative.
It would be tough for sure! That is the worst part of raising dairy goats, having to sell the adorable little boogers.

This is exactly the problem I think about when I consider raising farm animals myself. I would wind up with ten thousand chickens and three hundred goats and an uncountable number of rabbits because there is no way I could ever get rid of the babies, let alone consider butchering them.

I'm glad to hear you're raising dairy goats. At least if you sell one it has a chance at a good home. (If that's not the case, do not tell me. I don't want to know. ) I have a friend who used to raise and sell meat goats. (In Missouri where there was a sizeable Middle Eastern population. Apparently goat meat is popular with them. She said there was a market for all she could raise.) Srsly, I can't even talk about it. We avoided the subject.

It is a hard topic for sure!
Yes, here, they have a great chance of being put into good homes. They are more expensive than your run-of-the mill goat, and they are not only bony dairy goats, they are miniature bony dairy goats, so really not worth raising for meat anyway. If we ever can't sell our babies, that is a back up plan. We dont have enough land to keep infinite goats, (although that would be AWESOME!), so we have to do something. Luckily, I actually have a waiting list of people for my goaties, and I have never had difficulty selling them.

Butchering animals is no fun for sure. Its one of those things, once you get past the hurdle of doing it the first time, it gets easier. With practice you become more efficient. It never becomes a fun chore though. It is always sad, and I dont like doing it, but if we are going to eat meat, Id rather eat what I know had a great life and a clean death.

Thanks for stopping by!!

uppss maybe I am late... but I want comment anyway...
I will named Panchita I do not know why but she looks like ..
Have a great new year!

Neat name choice, thanks! Does it mean anything in particular?

A Christmas baby goat, she looks gorgeous @squishysquid!
Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! :D

Awwww... that is just too cute! I have to keep an eye out for the name, the fish ones cracked me up!

Haha! Thanks!
Yep, he finally got his coveted upside down catfish, and he named those Pinky, Eli, and Sketch. :D
Ill have to try and get pictures of them. They are super cool, but it is not easy taking aquarium photos!

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