A true incident .. read it once.

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A true incident .. read it once.

At night in Surat, a ghost showcased in a deserted building

Imagine a scene, you believe in ghosts, phantom, and self. You are passing through a deserted and haunting building closed in the middle of the night, and you sit on the balcony of the fourth floor of that building, sitting outside and hanging in the foot (Such a small balance will get worse bottom), What is your condition if you are in a very busy condition?

One such scary scenario happened in Surat on Thursday midnight. A building is located near the famous Parle Point apartment in Surat, which is closed and deserted for many years. The people of Surat call it a ghost building. Four friends were passing from the same building on Thursday at midnight. Suddenly, there was a need to fall from the building, and if he looked down, he had a lady sandal.

Curiously, if he looked up, then the sensation of all of them flew. He saw a steeply busy girl sitting on the balcony of the hall that was on the fourth floor on the balcony, with a great danger. They immediately called their identities. Soon this news spread like a fire, and in the meantime, coffee became over. People also called the police, and Fire Bigrid.

In the meantime, the girl was sitting According to his habit, he did not reach the police for a long time, then some kind people entered the building. All the roads in the abandoned building were closed, so they had to go through the window very difficult. When they entered the building and they reached the girl, they found that the girl was mentally ill. They brought him down. By then the police also came, the police admitted that girl to the hospital.

So what event ended?

Not live Now the biggest question in front of the people is, how did the mentally unhealthy girl reach the fourth mall in a closed building?


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