The Pizza Company Thailand: Not as bad as you hear

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This Pizza Company has the least inventive name of any pizza company ever... that much i will agree with. However, they get a bad reputation for having "crap pizza" and I fully disagree with that... well i suppose it kind of depends on what you think "Pizza" is.


I feel as though a delivery pizza place is not generally supposed to be gourmet and these guys are for sure not that. However, f you are looking for a couple of pepperoni and cheese covered bread things delivered to your house these guys can make that happen.

I will agree that a lot of what they have on offer is not something I really want but we have to look at this through the lens of internationalism. I don't want crab stick on a pizza ever.... but that doesn't mean that no one does..


Personally, i don't think that should EVER be pizza offering but we have to look at this from a Thai perspective: Do Thai people want crab on their pizza? Will they Pay for it? Are we a business?

The answer to all of those things are "yes" and therefore you would be irresponsible as a business owner if you didn't offer it. However, if you want more traditional pizza (whatever that means) you can have that too. I got a pepperoni pizza tonight for takeaway with breadsticks...... Does that seem normal to you?

A lot of expats over here will insist that Pizza Company is not "real pizza" and for those jerks I gotta say they are wrong. I don't know what "real pizza" is and I would imagine that is a matter of perspective. If you find yourself in Thailand just know what Pizza Company is essentially the same thing as Pizza Hut or Dominoes - Just with a different name.

Is that real pizza? I dunno. But this suggestion that that Thai company is somehow doing it wrong is simply false

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You have to make what the market wants. If you travel around the world you will see on most chains slight changes for that particular market. It would be business suicide not to tap into that. Crab sticks as you say are not for everyone ,but in Thailand there has to be a demand otherwise it wouldn't be offered.
I know Mc Donalds as an example in Russia offers beers and tweaks their menu accordingly to local tastes.


I like how McD and all the other franchise stores have a little different menu in every country. In Thailand you can buy a curry bowl at McD and the KFC hot wings are reeeally hot there (and they taste a lot better than here in Germany, I miss them ...)
I think the only big problem in Thailand is the cheese, because well they don't have that much real cheese there. So most pizzas are missing a good amount of mozzarella on them.


I completely agree from @cryptoandcoffee point of view that it totally depends upon the locality and their choices having a slight change in the menu is so far good for the business.
@gooddream Keep up with amazing contet as always and yes keep trying new and diffenrent kind of food and restaurants, I love to read the reviews from you:)

Haha😬 for a minute there I thought that was their slogan.
"Not as bad as you hear."
That would actually be quite ingenious. Lol

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i never thought of that. It could be a tongue in cheek advertising slogan. I like it!


haha! That's the best slogan ever...


Indeed. They should jump on it. Lol

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When you're hungry and want pizza delivered to your house, you don't really care what kind it is lol


Also true

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@gooddream i totally agree with that lol i always say '' pizza that u see on the label looks quite different from wat u acually eat''

When you're drunk and want pizza delivered to your house, you don't really care what kind it is lol

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