Step Brothers: Will Ferrell at his finest.

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If you are a fan of Will Ferell I think you already know that you shouldn't expect Emmy-award winning acting. He has his style and I think that he is actually at his best when acting opposite a similarly silly actor is John C Reilly.

if you are old enough to remember photo days at Sears, well, this is even funnier

The premise behind the story is simple: Two people in their 60's get married and bring together their near 40-year-old entitled sons to live in the same house. They are both completely dependent upon their parents' success in order to live but both of them are blissfully unaware of their uselessness.

Brennen and Dale are both still living with their parents and find themselves being put into the same household after their mother and father get married. They are both 40, and manage to have a child-like lifestyle despite the fact that well, they should have moved out a long time ago. They both have a penchant for television and music, and neither one of them ever grew up... until, they move it together.

This movie is hilarious because Will and John are both comic geniuses. Combined, they form a partnership of laughs that can only be seen in one other film that I am aware of (Taladega Nights.) If you appreciate either of them, or both of them, and have somehow managed to not see this film, download it immediately.

Their interactions with one-another as well as with their own family members is something that will turn into things that you and your friends will be saying to one another on a regular basis

bonus points to anyone who can tell me what is going on here

Overall, i would say that as far as the silly comedy genre is concerned, this film is in my top ten. I can't give it huge amounts of points because well, it is silly.... Stupid actually. It is mindless entertainment that is based on the fact that Will has spent a vast majority of his own career making fun of his own inadequacies. Watch this movie if you need a laugh.

Most of what is in this trailer actually isn't in the movie... which is strange. Just watch it and thank me later. Boats and hoes.

7.5 / 10

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Step Brothers isn't the funniest Will Ferrell movie but it's such an enjoyable viewing experience because the chemistry between he and John C. Reilly is great. The amount of epic one-liners in this film alone make it worth watching. Is the plot ridiculous? Is the acting over the top? Is it crude and offensive? Yes, yes, and hell yes but that's Will Ferrell. It isn't his best movie but it's still a must see for Ferrell fans.

Did you touch my drum set!. Funny movie 👍🤣


why are you so sweaty? Oh, Cops was just on..


Step Brothers is a great comedy movie and very crazy. I like the type of movies so haha

I have never seen this is the movie, but I am very interested in the trailer I want to see more of him, I always trust your friend, tonight I will see you, greetings from South America

Oh sooooo funny. This is in my collection. That screen shot you through in there I can't remember the whole scene but they were singing acapella .. Sweet Child of Mine I think.

favorite scene...

Dale .. OK on the count of three name your favorite dinosaur, don't even think about it just do it. 1, 2, 3.
Brennan .. Philosoraptor.
Dale .. Philosoraptor

Brennan.. Favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to.
Dale .. Good Housekeeping.
Brennan .. Good Housekeeping.

Brennan .. If you were a chick who's the one guy you'd sleep with?
Dale .. John Stamos.
Brennan .. John Stamos.

This movie is going to be serious comedy, even a peek at the cover pic will get u smiling, 40 yrs and still leaving with mummy, OMG😂😂😂😂 is funny and sad

There are an incredible number of things wrong here, starting with the fact that the filmmakers seem all too content to let Reilly and Ferrell's antics stand in for any plot logic or sense.

All your movies are very funny. I love that actor

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These two actors are very good at comedy, many awards are rewarded for making many people laugh

Hehehe these two are really very funny duo. I saw this movie some years ago and i really enjoyed it. I wish another movie will be acted featuring the two of them.

great publication yours, my dear friend, about this comic movie called Step Brothers. regards

Very good. Post .
Thanks for the sharing

Wow love you post

it's a really nice movie full of crazy things, it's fun and those actors are of great category, they have made very good and funny movies they deserve some awards for all the great effort they make

@gooddream I can't believe I haven't watched it yet. I knew when it came out and had it recommended by my then flatmate, but I didn't watch. I really want more mindless laughs these days

Esam movie is very funny. I loved it

very good your publication on this comedy movie. I like them very much. regards