Sine Mora: an ok shooter

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I really came to enjoy shooters when I was in high school i guess. The best ones i can remember were Thunder Force 2 and 3, both on the Sega Genesis or "Master Drive" for those of the U.K. persuasion. These games have always been interesting to me and therefore i was very excited when Sine Mora came out.

go on! dodge all that will ya!

I don't suppose the story is all that important and that is good because I don't have any idea what is going on in the story of this game. It doesn't seem important but I think the voices in this thing are speaking German or Italian. It doesn't really matter.

The game is beautiful and if you are a fan of "shoot em ups" at all perhaps you will enjoy this one. I found it on special one day and bought it for, I dunno, $5 or something, and therefore it was worthwhile. However i never finished the game.

Perhaps this is because I am a casual player and once it got too hard I just gave up (likely scenario) or perhaps it wasn't good enough but I honestly don't know what they could have done to make it better. It ported to all the consoles, so I suppose in their minds, it was a success.

Overall i would say that this game, if you are a big fan of shooters, is worth getting. However, overall i would say that since it didn't hold my attention the way that the best shooters I played in the past like Thunderforce, that well, maybe skip this one.

Overall score 5 /10

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I also used to play games like crises, battle field, front line, etc they all are good games too the game you mentioned in this post seems good too i have searched it on internet looks nice a nice game, @gooddream you should write about PUBG its a trending game now a days i like it very much, you should try it too.. Btw nice post like it keep doing what you are doing, i support you

Hi @gooddream this is 1st time i am hearing about sine mora. Thanks for introducing it to us. I dont play much pc games. I played only one shooting game that is IGI-2 i think u know about it. I never played even famous counter strike also i missed so many famous shooting games.

I love shooting games in addition to strategy games. I will tell reason
I am a NCC(Nation cadet corps) cadet. So we will be trained for army when we are school children.i justed finished my 'A' certificate in NCC.i attended NCC camp for days and we had shooting,trecking,marchfast in that camp.
Here is the pic of me as a shooter
I am a shooter and i love shooting.thats why i love shooting games.
What i understand about u is you are a movie and video games lover. i hope that i will know more about your other interests that you have soon.
Thank you

I think I'm gonna love it, shooting games always have a way of getting my attention. Lol

It's cool with all the descriptions, but 5/10 is not a good rating enough....


well, I have decided to review games that aren't great too :)

Oh my worddd... It's sine Mora in the building..haha. Sine Mora is very fun, side scrolling airplane shooter with a nice presentation and solid gameplay. I love this game, it's classic and the levels are pretty short though.

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It certainly looks interesting. I used to have
quite the appetite for shooters, but, not so
much any more, I get bored too quickly. I'll
get this just to test it out though. Who knows
it could change my mind.

It's a very nice game indeed. The graphics is very good too. I used to like those kind of games when I was a kid.

Wow i like

It's a very nice game indeed. The graphics is very good too. I used to like those kind of games when I was a kid.

I love shooting game as well as when mixed with adventure.

Shooter remain my favourite even though am always on soccer of recent times.

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I'm interested to play the game.....I liked watching the video of the game...thank you shear for this game @gooddream

I'll skip this. Thanks for sharing this game, I didn't know it existed.