another dumb F**king mistake on my part

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You could all likely be victims of this. I didn't mean to be and I am not a jerk. I try to be as nice to people as I can be, pretty much all the time. However, since i work in tech when things go wrong i tend to blame others, which well, as i recently found out, is not the correct way to go.


Life is a maze, is it not? However, sometimes things change and we try to immediately blame other people rather than take a look at ourselves and well, that is precisely what this is about. I feel as though I am smart and that might not necesssarliy be true but I do ok. I am smart enough to live my own life and kind of feel superior over others for the most part (especially computer related)


Today was a bit different though: Professor me encountered something that might end up being useful information to all of you as well.

About 2 weeks ago I bought a new Bluetooth speaker, which is awesome and anyone who enjoys music or things that need to be louder than silent can appreciate.

Listen up nerds because this is something that all of you might aready know, but I didn't and i do now so maybe this will help other people.

source and wow, super-ugly kid

As it turns out Bluetooth devices use the same frequency as your wifi (or anyone's) so my internet speeds were getting killed by my own usage of my speaker. The problem I have with this isn't that I was an idiot who didn't know this alreasy, it was that the speaker came with a 6 inch-long USB cable that of couser, i just plugged into my computer.

I was CONVINCED that the internet was screwed from the provider's end and I insisted a technician come out. Nothing changed after his arrival / departure. I borrowed an Access Point from a friend and rewired all the incoming connections. Nothing changed.

It wasn't until I started to look at my own changes, which was the addition of my bluetooth speakers, that i realized that maybe, just maybe the problem might be my own doing?


It was extremely arrogant of me to assume that someone else had "messed up my internet" but in the end it was my own doing. Here is a lesson for youze that you might already know: Bluetooth speakers interfere with your Wifi. Especially if said bluetooth speaker is attached to your computer with the 6 inch cable that was included with the speaker.

My internet is fine now, but for days I spent so much time trying to figure out who was at fault only to later realize that it was my own doing. Plus it is almost certainly not a good idea to have magnets of that sort near your hard-drives.

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a few years back, my 2.4GHZ phone was throwing me offline whenever the phone would ring. I was playing this MMO game Anarchy Online a lot at the time. I was the tank in a raid too, so people were getting pretty pissed off at me!


you played AO? Well i suppose it shouldn't be that surprising since it was pretty much the only MMO available at the time. It was my first introduction to them and I loved it although I never got very good at it.


Yeah, I had loads of high level alts. My main was a 220 enforcer named Nuthman. Haha. I was obsessed with that game for years.

A lot of people left when WoW came out, but a lot came back. I always felt like AO was way more cerebral and complex. But I suppose that can be a turn off for some. Twinking low level toons to ridiculous stats was so much fun in that game.

Could you imagine me with this problem lol. I am the worst with technology and would have all sorts of technicians out fiddling. At least I learnt something today from you.

I've never even thought about this, though my speakers are of the standard wired variety. It's certainly good to know for the future though. :)

Wow! This is very interesting!! Good job you did find out the cause by yourself.
But I am surprised that the technician couldn’t work that one out logically!!

Thanks for sharing this.
But where do you plug in your speaker now?!


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i just put it on the other side of the room. The plug is one of those ones that fits almost anything so it wasn't an issue to find a replacement.

I don't think you are arrogant. Just a little mistake, it can happen. :)

This is a good lesson I must confess an informative and educative one for me to know that Bluetooth speakers interferes with our internet and wifi devices. I will say this is just a part of learning because with this incident you have now known that Bluetooth speakers can negatively affects your internet connectivity . Thanks for sharing your experience with us @gooddream

Many times we think we know them all and this arrogance makes us blind to solve simple problems, dear @gooddream. Sometimes it happens that we have the simple and practical solution to a problem and we have difficulty finding it, I'm glad you found it and it was nothing serious. I'm glad you shared your experience because this way you have given a good lesson to take into account and not lose your head if we ever happen this same. Thank you very much, a hug.

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This is news and a learning point for me

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