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I Just came across this challenge on @dawizy's blog and it's really interesting that some people on steemit really cares about other people experience in here.  It's a great job. 

But as for me my experience on steemit with the little time as been very challenging, getting people to view my post,  vote,  and comment has been my major concern.  But before I joined I was told that @surpassingoogle of @ulogs upvote post especially when you make use of the ulog tag and that had been my major tag of getting vote here 


My introductory post actually gave a  warm encouragement to me when I made it because I was able to get votes even though it's little but my story was a bit different from people I've heard make post severally with no income.  The the ulog tag I was able to get some votes and I was really happy with it

And my second post was with the @steemjet tag.  That was my first   post using steemjet.  And I joined because it was a musical contest.  But guess what,  I wasn't qualified for the second round of the contest and this broke my heart because I believe I can sing well and that there's no way I won't be qualified even if I'm not the first,  but at least I will be among the top ten

Since ulog has been the major source of upvote for me,  I decided to try again. But this time,  it was another story. I didn't get vote from using the tag then I felt depressed and never give it a trial. But it has been the best tag I know and that works for me just that I was surprised I could not get upvote from them.  Then I thought probably my post was not interesting enough and I promise to put more effort

Oh gratitude day series, I got to know this from @oredebby and @tojukaka my Ibadan brother. Lol!!!  But it never favoured me like I saw it favouring other people on there's blog and from here I was really depressed and don't really know what to write about that whales will like and appreciate.

So because of the down fall from using @ulog and I got vote from @steemjet earlier I decided to use the steemjet tag again.  At the time of making this post,  it took me 3 days to compile everything together and I was already happy that people will see and like the post because of the great content in the post. I wrote it in a way that it will inspire and motivate readers at the same time and after this post,  I waited to start seeing comments and Upvotes,  but it was like a dream that will never come through. All I got was $0.14 with all my effort and sleepless nights in making the post beautiful and interesting.

All I felt  through out this times was depression then I quit.  I quited for more than 2 months now then I decided to remove back today. Coming back today and seeing through @dawizy blog makes me feel like  the "whole getting to you" was all about me  and I'm glad I came across it.  

Then I made my first post after I long will which was today,  I completed it 2 hours before this post still using the ulog tag but I've not gotten anything yet. 

I just hope the story will not be like it used to be. I hope my story this time will make sense to people in here and I will get some cook juicy from it. 

I so much appreciate  @anomadsoul for this challenge,  it's a really great one. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience with you.  It's an honor.

Less forgot,  through the out the tines I was regular,  my vp  is not even up to 2 yet.  Isn't that weird and annoying.  

Since you intentionally want me to share my story with you which I've done,  you need to intentionally help me too. I will really appreciate your regular upvotes if you don't mind.  So also little delegation will help me and make me help other minnows like me too.  

Together we can make the world a better place.  

Those are the few posts I've made so far 

Thanks for the opportunity 

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