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Introduction of the Community

Dear members of the EOS Community, we are GermanEOS, the Block Producer Candidate from Germany. We are wings of EOS with the goal to strengthen the influence of EOS platform in Germany and to assist the promotion and application of EOS blockchain technology in Germany. GermanEOS aim at being one of the best EOS nodes on the world by adopting class-leading infrastructure, technology, and community building strategy. In addition, GermanEOS will enhance the blockchain technology for universal education, knowledge sharing and incubation projects. GermanEOS is a user-centric community and organized by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. We are truly excited by the technology powering the EOS platform. The GermanEOS community believes that the blockchain technology, EOS in particular, has the potential to be something groundbreaking that will significantly change many of the business areas that are currently working with centralized architectures. GermanEOS will operate as a user-centric community. It aims at being the largest EOS community in Germany. We promote the development of decentralized applications (DAPP) of EOS platform and other blockchain-based technology in the area of energy (SmartEnergy), finance (, logistics, and water. GermanEOS will provide class-leading infrastructures to support the main EOS network. Substantial efforts will be invested in protecting GermanEOS nodes from DDOS attacks.GermanEOS belongs to the whole EOS community and no single person or legal entity should ever control it.

Public presence

Information of the GermanEOS block producer

Official block producer candidate name GermanEOS
Location of GermanEOS community Bonn, Germany
Expected location of servers Germany
Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc) Cloud

Core members

Brittney Marzullo – Head of Community

Brittney leads the community development of GermanEOS. This includes both online and offline activities to interact with community members. One of Brittney’s tasks is to maintain the contents on the websites of GermanEOS and in the social media channels. Regularly organizing face-to-face meeting and listening to community voices by providing timely feedbacks is a challenging task for Brittney.

Olsi Mece – Head of Finance

Olsi holds a diploma in Business Administration with specialization in International Management and Human Resources. He has been working as financial experts at Media Markt GmbH, Arag AG, and IMK Institut. Olsi has also accomplished a further specialization in financial accounting and payroll processing in Germany and owns deep understanding about German tax legislation, commercial code and employment law matters. Olsi works now as a freelance in region Bonn.

Felix Natter – Head of Infrastructure

Felix leads the infrastructure setup and maintenance of GermanEOS block production. Felix is a hardcore Linux system engineer with substantial software development and maintenance experiences. Server configuration, operation monitoring, and deployment of EOS platform software is one of his major tasks at GermanEOS. Felix studied computer science and works as a senior software engineer in the region Bonn in Germany.

Betim Sojeva – Head of Technology

Betim leads the technology development of GermanEOS. His main responsibility is the deployment of the EOS platform software and promote the development of EOS-based decentralized applications at GermanEOS. Betim owns master of computer science and work as a senior full-stack software developer in the region Bonn. He is an advocator of decentralized technology like blockchain and believes that decentralized applications are more flexible for the forthcoming Edge Computing era.

Alexander Thom – Head of Security

Alexander leads design and development of EOS-based decentralized applications. He is responsible for requirements engineering and realization of EOS DAPP. Alexander holds a master of computer science and has long year experience in designing, developing and deploying complex and distributed software systems as Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer. His experience with functional and OOP design and test concepts and team play results in fast, scalable and solid solutions. Alexander is Dedicated to efficient processes and unobstructed teamwork and advocates agile methodologies. At work and in his free time he enjoys learning new technologies and principles.

Jingquan Xie – Head of Strategy

Jingquan leads the strategic planning and development of GermanEOS, including activities related to community building and management, technology innovation, infrastructure operation, capital investments, finance, and legal. Jingquan studied computer science and works as project manager and software architect. With over ten years working experience of software development and project management in international environments, Jingquan has gained sophisticated knowledge about both technical know-how and multi-cultural communication skills.

Community Development Schemes

1) Estimate of total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018

GermanEOS is now investigating multiple infrastructure providers. One test setup has been deployed on the Alicloud in Frankfurt with 24 Xeon CPUs, 192 GB memory, and 500 GB SSD. To ensure the performance of the block producer and resilience against cyberattacks like DDoS, GermanEOS will choose one of the leading independent infrastructure providers in Germany with class-leading technology, bandwidth and security services. Automatic scale-up, scale-out options and excellent resilience against DDoS attack will be two of the most important criteria for the final decision about the infrastructure provider.

2) Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018

Initially, we are planning to have a primary and a backup machine as main producing units and are looking for more effective ways of power supplies to minimize the loses. Our hardware spec listed below is subject to change based on Block.One and feedback from the community:· CPU: Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3 (18core) * 4 = 72 cores· RAM: 1- 4 TB· Storage: 100+ TB· Network: 25 Gbps· Nodes: 1 livenet and 1 standbyThe estimated cost (purchase and operation) of the aforementioned configuration is between 100 000€ and 200 000€. This investment will be supported by the investor pool.

EOS Test Net

GermanEOS has joined the Jungle Test Net. We are working on the participation to other EOS test networks. Updates will be published here in the furture.

Initial Block Producer Roadmap

  • 2018-05-28 Finalize the candidate information publication
  • 2018-06-02 Connect the node to the main net
  • 2018-06-17 First report of the BP two weeks after the main net online
  • 2018-07-02 Final decision about the scale up and scale out plan of the server configuration
  • 2018-08-15 Record the first reward of EOS system. Publish and distribute it to the community
  • 2018-09-02 Deploy the first DAPP into the EOS main net
  • 2018-10-02 Workshop about Smart Contract in EOS system
  • 2018-12-02 Plenary community meeting half year after the main net launch

Stance on Giving Dividends to Voters

GermanEOS believes it is important for any EOS Block Producer to have clear and transparent business models. It is essential for the normal operation of GermanEOS to have a regular income to be actively part of the EOS ecosystem, especially from the long term perspective. Currently the profits are allocated as follows: 40% - Retained Capital (Community building support) 40% - Investor Pool 20% - GermanEOS fund for developing highly impact DAPPs for sectors like energy, finance, etc.

Investor Pool – Join Us

GermanEOS will be a user-centric community. Initial investments are however still needed to deploy the technical infrastructures. To solve this, GermanEOS will offer up to 20 individuals the opportunity to invest and become a stakeholder of GermanEOS though the Investor Pool. We believe that a diverse investor pool will give GermanEOS community a strong base and also establish a culture of openness and accountability, which will certainly further benefit the entire EOS community. Depending on interest our investor pool will own between 15-30% of GermanEOS. If you are interested in investing GermanEOS, please contact us [email protected]

EOS Votes

GermanEOS will never pay for votes. Our mission is to support and promote the EOS ecosystem in a way that is honest and trustworthy.

GermanEOS fund

The GermanEOS fund is established to directly invest and support developers and start-ups with the potential to impact sectors like energy and finance. GermanEOS is actively looking for business models that will leverage technology like Airdrops on the EOS platform to collect crowd funding for highly impact DAPPs. GermanEOS is currently investigating a number DAPPs in various stages of development like SmartEnergy for the energy sector and for the finance sector.



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