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RE: Moin! Translate State of the DApps to German 🇩🇪(contribute to get rewarded)

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Let's do the rest:

Section: Global

userActivity30dHelpUsers (unique source addresses in transactions to ÐApp contracts) over the past 30 daysNutzer der letzten 30 Tage (Eindeutige Quelladresse in den Transaktionen der ÐApp Verträgen)

Section: categoryOptions


Section: FeaturedDappList

headingFeatured ÐAppsAusgewählte ÐApps

Section: help

volumeUsdTransaction volume to ÐApp contracts. Exchange rates sourced from CryptoCompare.comTransaktionsvolumen der ÐApp Verträge. Die Wechselkurse stammen von
volumePerNetworkTransaction volume to ÐApp contracts. Platforms use different currencies, so numbers should not be compared directly. Exchange rates sourced from CryptoCompare.comTransaktionsvolumen der ÐApp Verträge. Da Plattformen unterschiedliche Währungen verwenden, sollten Werte nicht direkt verglichen werden. Die Wechselkurse stammen von

As mentioned by @serylt is's really hard to do a translation without the context. Example (property):
I own a car, so it's my property.
To use feature XY you have to overwrite the property 'home'.
As you can see, without the context, a translation is hard to do ;D
So maybe for some keywords you can give a small context? So the translation will be more accurate.

Agreed. Context would be important exactly for that reason.
Like, the term "governance", uncertainties and inaccuracies might occur.

Yeah, the context here are the main categories of DApps. For "Property" this is a mix of title registration, asset provenance, real-estate registry, supply-chain management, etc.

In this case, I agree with @serylt and the correct translation for 'property' should be 'Besitz'!

Property würde ich eher als "Besitz" oder "Eigentum" übersetzen. Oder?
Immer schwer einzelne Wörter ohne Kontext zu übersetzen. Bei "Governance" habe ich mich, z.B., auch schwer getan.

Ja, ich war mir da auch echt unsicher. Wie du schon gesagt hast, ohne Kontext wird es echt schwer. Ich werde mal noch ne Ergänzung dran hängen

The context for these categories is how DApps are grouped:
For "property"
For "governance"

Both are pretty vague ;)

Hm! Good to see that we could simply access the site and see what's behind it! :D

I figure that "Besitz" would be more appropriate than "Eigenschaft", as this seems to be a category for stuff you own or could own.

And "Governance" could be translated to "Politik" (politics) or "Regierung" (government) and not "Führung" (leadership), as this seems to be for voting and governmental issues. :D

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