Geometry Challenge - Week 2 - Circles

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The winners of the first week of Geometry Challenge are...

Winner: @bb-tulsa


We chose this one because of the fact that @bb-tulsa created these objects and we loved the stacking of them for the photo

First Runner-up: @orionsbeltbuckle


Second Runner-up: @dumitriu


A special thank you to @abbijulie for being the first ever person to enter the Geometry Challenge. You will be rewarded 2 SBD
This is our favourite of your entries


A massive thank you to everyone who entered this weeks Geometry Challenge. we're very impressed with the creativity displayed, but unfortunately only three people can win a prize. Please try again and enter this weeks challenge, you never know the next winner could be YOU!!!

Welcome to the second week of Geometry Challenge!

The idea is to take a photo of a geometric shape

It can be natural, man-made or both if you're feeling extra creative

The theme for week two is...



  • The title of your post MUST be Geometry Challenge - Week # - Entry #
  • Each contestant can only have 3 entries
  • First tag of your post MUST be geometrychallenge
  • You MUST only use your own original photography (all images will be checked for plagiarism)
  • You MUST upvote this main post
  • You MUST resteem this main post to help promote the challenge

Feel free to post your entries in the comments with a link to the original post

Competition closes at midnight GMT on Sunday

The winners will be announced the following day


1st place - 5 SBD
2nd place - 3 SBD
3rd place - 2 SBD

The prize pool will increase depending on the post payout

If you would like to donate to the challenge that would be greatly appreciated

Best of luck!
Get snapping!


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Going to give it a try again. Thank you

Thanks for letting us know for this competition.)


I love that you noticed this and thought about it for this contest. Cool circles.

iNTRO pIC-01.jpg

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Good Luck!

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thank you so much...working on circles now...thanks

I love your idea for this challenge! It sounds like fun! I'm going to watch for circles this week! :-)

Dear all steemian and participant of Geometry Challenge! here my first entry for this challenge. please support!

Here's my entry for week 2!_-2smartphonephotocontest.jpg

Awesome challenge! I love that you are offering something different from the rest!

You can check out my post here to view the full size image!

Very Good and Intersting post @southsea


Good day everyone! I have made the second post for geometry challenge. If you all insteresting to see it, please fell free to check it at this link

Thank you and Have a great day for some great creative things. Greeting!

Congratulations to all the winners


Very pretty and interesting post!


Thank you! @jewel3💯

very interesting post, I will not waste this opportunity. thank you @sounthsea
I @bustamam will join this competition.

Bring it on!

That looks great!

Hi steemit friends I m new to steemit community ....! Please upvote my post I will upvote ur post....!

thanx for this

ooh that's hard ................

What a wonderful idea this competition is! I am a photographer, just got approved on Steemit a little over an hour ago. Be on the look out for my work!

Dear all steemian and participant of Geometry Challenge! here my last entry for this challenge. please support!



This is my entry, i know its coming late but sometimes a man just gatta keep The best for the last 😁