Pyrolusite Taous Sahara

in #geology3 years ago

Quite a while ago we acquired these rare and very interesting vugs in a trade with our local Crystal expert.Pyrolusite Crystal Vugs from Taous Sahara.
20200114_123557 (2).jpg
At the time I wasn't overly impressed with them, but as time passed they kind of grew on me. I found myself looking at them more often.
20200114_123830 (2).jpg
When I got them I thought they were lab grown, because Rick, the Crystal guy, does a lot of that. Perhaps that is why I wasn't so keen on them.
20200114_131853 (2).jpg
Pyrolusite is manganese dioxide. Unfortunately, the camera just can't capture how beautiful this combination of shiny and dark crystals is.
20200114_131829 (3).jpg
Although they have kind of a geode look to them, They are actually vugs. (an opening in rocks where crystals grow).
20200114_123729 (2).jpg
20200114_123814 (2).jpg
What most impresses me are the crystal sprays at the fracture points.
20200114_123830 (3).jpg
They are volcanic, as seen on the crusted backsides.
20200114_123615 (2).jpg
20200114_123706 (2).jpg
20200114_123905 (2).jpg
They have indeed grown on me. Now I have to find out what I'm willing to trade in my personal collection to take one. My own personal way to control myself. Otherwise I wouldn't have store long.


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