Petrified Redwood

in #geology5 years ago

This is a beautiful specimen of petrified redwood tree I found a few years back. Those thick lines in it where once the growth rings of the tree. I've never found another piece quite like it. Usually I'll find one's with way smaller growth rings. See how much closer together the growth rings are on this piece. Love all the agate viens running through it. This one might be a good one to cut into gemstones. The more agatized they are the better polish it will take. Here's another shot of the redwood laying on it's side. Not the biggest chunk in the world, but it's a cool find for sure. Unfortunately I don't find much petrified wood around where I live now. We've got gold in this county though! I'll take what I can get and hopefully I'll get a nugget this year. If I'm really lucky I'll strike #steemit paydirt one day. Please #upvote #follow and #resteem to help make that a reality lol.


Wow on the redwood!! You know I wanna ask
where did you find that!

Where did ya find them?? lol

Nice rocks @dirtyhippie!!

In a creek in Sonoma County. Most of the creeks around there have at least a couple pieces. My dad found a piece of petrified palm wood years back. Lots of agates down there too...

Nice! Did you see the photos of the silicified wood I uploaded?

I just looked it up, love that core sample all polished up. Really cool stuff.

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