UK & France blatant geoengineering: photographic evidence

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I returned to the UK this month for the first time in over three years and was shocked by what I saw in the skies. There can be no doubt that the intensity has increased there. My partner Sabrina (who has lived in the South of France all her life) confirmed the same thing when we returned to France this year after two years in Bali. It used to be endless blue skies here, but not any more. Now it looks like this most days and it isn't hard to see which 'clouds' are man made.


I flew Ryanair from Perpignan to Stansted and noted that while we were over the ocean there was no evidence at all of trails in the sky.


Waiting for my mother at Stansted airport I shot this. Very different to how it looked out at sea.


I mentioned the chemtrail story to my mother (somewhat tentatively) and she assured me that her home (where we were going) was not near any airports or on any flight paths. Yet when we arrived there, just like everywhere else I visited in the UK, the sky was full of lines which appeared to be creating a general haze in the air.


Fresh lines kept appearing in the sky above her home right through till sunset.


I visited London but have to admit I was too busy having fun with @dannyshine to take any shots of the sky. It was the usual London hazy/smog.


After this I spent my time in Kent which is Southern UK and again I was shocked by what I saw.

The sky was a perfect blue on this particular afternoon by the river but then out of no where the planes arrived, leaving this complete mess.


There is absolutely nothing natural about this sky and what's with the multiple rings around the sun???


On the day I returned to France there were lines as far as the eye could see.


When it isn't like this, the skies are clear blue as they should be and there are no planes at all.


Strange don't you think that (supposedly) domestic flights simply stop operating some days. Or could it be that what we are looking at here are not domestic flights at all?


My attention from all this madness was thankfully relieved when I spotted this lenticular cloud formation... swirling in the high mountain winds.


A beautiful sight to behold and fine way to get back to the important feeling of appreciation for my immediate surroundings.

There are plenty of mad things going on in the world, most of them hopelessly beyond our control. So... have an awareness, share your truth and then get back on with having fun!

If you want to learn more check out this great post by @teamsteem and this one by @an0nkn0wledge both on the subject of geoengineering.

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Hey Sam

I went to university at Kent and I used to get laughed at by the London kids for pointing out plains doing geoengineering and spraying particles in the sky. But one day there was this black-mark plain flying so low, you could actually see it dumping huge concentrations of pressurized gas particles out of these big spraying-tank-like-things.
It flew over and over the small town of Canterbury dozens of times in a symmetrical grid formation. I was pointing it out to my housemates and everybody for hours: I was like "Look at that plain! It's not going anywhere. Seriously tell me what that plain could possibly doing".

Then we all agreed it was really bizarre and it was possible there was something behind this plain.

Kent and in particular Canterbury are known for having a peculiar microclimate when compared to the rest of the British riviera. In fact, they grow the most grapes for wine in Kent too. I think if there was a secret military geo-engineering agenda, English cities along with American ones would be the first places to get tested... Then moving out through Europe as if nothing has happened.

It's really funny how people can't remember what a nice unaltered sky looks like... It's a sad state of affairs.


Small world. I did my film degree at Canterbury Christ Church College in the late 90s!

Well done you for being so awake at that time in your life. My mind was still very closed at University and sorry to say that I probably would have been one of the people laughing at you.

Feels like the testing period is over and now it has been implemented in most places around the world. Before France I lived in Bali for two years and saw the intensity building there too.

This rural region of France being used to be famous for having 300 days of sunshine a year. Not any more.

All we can do is keep learning, keep sharing and as i said... get back on with having fun before the subject creates unwanted feelings ;)

Let's keep in touch. Still can't believe you were at Kent uni. Brilliant :)

One of my closest peeps during my time in Cants studied film at CCC! Crazy small world :)

I was gonna add... I've been living in China for 2 years, specifically Beijing. There've been the most disgusting amounts of smog and air pollution I've ever seen in my life. The outskirts of the city on trains have looked like scenes from a Fallout game... Just nuclear wastelands with no the most ghastly sunlight...

I will say this: I've never seen a chemtrail in China in my life, and I've LOOKED

They don't happen here. If the air is polluted, it's smog from the ground-up. If there's lots of wind, and the pollution clears...

It's crystal clear blue skies.

(I'll try and post some pics I've taken of polluted Beijing and crystal clear Beijing for contrast when I get the chance)

Try to remind me to in a week's time (now is super busy, am moving houses and going back home for the summer)

Thanks for posting and continuing to document these nefarious acts.

Where I live in China (Shenzhen), they have been spraying like crazy all across the city on average of 3-4 times per week for a few months now.

I was also in another big city a couple of weeks ago - Wuhan - where they were spraying as well; one day I took a trip across the city in a cab and saw the chemtrails everywhere.

Been documenting with photos and videos for a couple of months now in order to keep a good record.

I know for a fact now that they are NOT spraying for weather modification purposes, as last week it rained for almost 2 days straight here in Shenzhen and on the evening of the 2nd day of rain when it had stopped, they sprayed! For Christ's sake! Plus, for the 15-20 times I've seen them spray, not once did it produce rain. Just proves to me they are doing this on purpose to poison the masses; I see no other explanation.

The masses here in China are unaware and uninformed; and even when they are they are so indoctrinated that they would never cause a fuss about it , as they are way to focused being slaves and keeping their eyes glued to their dumb phones - pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Nonetheless, I try to do my part to inform everyone I know about this nefarious business and also posted on my Chinese blog where you can see some photos. Here is just one of them:


Thanks for the update from Shenzhen. Weirdly I was there a few years ago to make a film, though I was too busy to look up!

Keep on documenting my friend. There are not many of us doing it but in time the world will wake up to this madness.

Thanks! What did you film in Shenzhen? It is actually a very beautiful city. And apart from the Chemtrail Spraying a fairly clean and not-so-polluted one.

Thank you for raising awareness on this insane topic. Thank you for mentioning my post. That's not why I voted 100% on your post. I had already planned on voting 100% before finishing reading it.

Another awesome post on the subject that complement mind if anybody is interested to push the history of geoengineering further. Incredibly this other post disclose many more project I never heard about.

Feels like the least I can do, just taking pics and posting them. Wish I could do more! Thank you for the vote and for supporting this important subject so wholeheartedly.

Thanks also for the link. This is indeed a great article I've read a few times and will add it now to the post itself.

Any news on the possibility of making it to the South of France?

Sure! Let's meet! What's your housing situation? If there's any possibility for you to house @karensuestudios and me that could be awesome.

If not, we'll probably rent a airbnb. Any idea how many nights we should hang out it your little town?

Edit: Looking at the map, I feel like Perpignan isn't really on our path. We're still looking.

You had me jumping with excitement for a moment there!

I completely understand if it's not on your route, but let me tempt you with a few nuggets:

We live in a sleepy little village called Joch on the side of a mountain in the Pyrenees, overlooking a fruit valley. In fact it is a half hour drive from Perpignan. Here is our exact location

I know the lady who runs the best airbnb in our village which overlooks the valley and could make sure she reserves the best room for you. I am currently being employed to transform her garden (one of my lesser known skills!) and took a few pics for you just now...

View from road

From balcony side

From inside

From balcony

If you were to stay a few days there are so many incredibly beautiful places around here and we would be more than happy to guide you around should you choose. My partner Sabrina has lived in this region all her life and can find you caves, rivers, hot springs, mountain walks, secluded sea side spots... whatever you're after. Though you will need a car.

Listen, no pressure. Just wanted you to know you would both be very welcome here and looked after :)

The place looks so beautiful! I hope we'll have another opportunity to meet! It would have been awesome!

Hey brother im from israel , they doing it here also ,
They think , if the world is heating up , we will make it cooler or something by seeding clouds , instead of protecting the trees and replant them , they came with that iligal method , that eventually will kill us all .

Great to meet you! Yes, I saw the same thing in Asia over the last few years. And now I am back in Europe I feel like there are few places not affected by this.

The countries which admit to it say it is to help with global warming, but this is so far from the truth.

All we can really do is keep making people aware of this until enough people are awake and demanding answers. My biggest concern is the lungs of children. My two young kids seem to cough a lot for no apparent reason and I feel sure it is connected to whatever they are spraying.

Anyway... happy days! Together we are stronger :)

Hey brother ,
Great to meet you indeed ,

About your children ,
Cbd oil ,without thc , that will help them ,

And ill make a post about Chemtrails as well in the the next few days .
Ill follow you around ,
Barefoot ,

Hey brother ,
Great to meet you indeed ,

About your children ,
Cbd oil ,without thc , that will help them ,

And ill make a post about Chemtrails as well in the the next few days .
Ill follow you around ,
Barefoot ,

They’re everywhere in Australia and no matter the speculation behind them I definitely don’t remember seeing them as a child

Thanks for letting us know. Whenever I do a post like this, people from all over the world seem to agree the skies are not as they once were. Let us stay vigilant and keep on sharing this message so that as many of us as possible wake up to what is happening.

Hey Sam,
the selfie in which you embrace Danny very excited me: lucky you!

When will you publish the videos you've shot with him?

A big hug from @amico! ;)

I am editing it now... hopefully done in a few days ;)

Big hug back to you!

Oh, very well: I can't wait to watch it! :)

So what do you think is the purpose of all this geo engineering? To change the climate, poison the land, poison the people? It doesn't make a lot of sense.

All of the above and lots more no doubt.

There was a very interesting study of the data right after 9/11, when all commercial flights were grounded for several days, in fact there was a measurable increase in surface temperatures without vapor trails.

Here is why sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't:

Vapor trails left by aircraft are actually ice crystals. Condensation trails (contrails) are of 2 types, exhaust, and aerodynamic. Exhaust contrails are formed as a result of the addition of enough moisture in the air to form ice crystals. These are prevented in military aircraft by injecting sand into the exhaust trail. Aerodynamic contrails are formed in moist air by the reduction or air pressure around airfoils. They don't stay around as long as exhaust contrails, but under the right conditions, will trigger the formation of a layer of cirrus clouds.
There are also dissipation trails, (distrails) although they are not as common as contrails. They are caused when a jet flies through a thin layer of clouds and evaporates a trail through them.

It still doesn't explain where the planes have gone. Today there are none in the sky. Yesterday there were plenty.

whether the planes leave persistent trails seems dependent on the air temperature/pressure at the altitude the planes are at.

Forget the trails. I'm talking about the actual planes themselves. They just aren't there.

you don't notice them or they are not there? it's pretty easy to track most planes and know where they are at any time
you could watch the skies above your area to see if there are really are any suspicious patterns. That's how they busted the FBI surveilling protestors illegally with aircraft because all the data of the locations of airplanes is public.

I would be very interested to check that website because it really does feel like there were planes everywhere yesterday and not a single one today. Thanks for the link!

I was looking at if for a while, it's sort of relaxing to watch them change position gradually. There are a whole lot of people who want to fly to a whole lot of places.

Geeze, you're not kidding. That is a load of planes... though according to this, none in our area, just as the sky is telling me. It will be very interesting to see what the map says next time the sky is covered in lines.

Dannyshine is my hero. It would be the greatest entertainment just following the guy around London doing his megaphone thing.

He's a hero of mine too... which is why I had to go see him! And spent the afternoon filming him doing his thing :)

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