Maybe it's not your allergies...

in geoengineering •  8 months ago

After living in Austin for decades I have come to notice that many people experience respiratory distress blamed on allergies even when the trees, grasses, and flowers are not coughing up pollen. Many of my clients have respiratory issues within 72 hours of heavy spraying days.


Are the two things connected? I can't say for certain, but the frequency of the connection is such that I see the correlations between these anecdotal reportings.


I took the shot above at North Lamar and Airport Blvd. in Austin, TX. As I was, a postman approached me and began making fun of me for taking the pictures: "A bunch of ice crystals got your attention? Paranoid, tinfoil hat, hippie."


With such encouragement, I took a second shot and zoomed in. "Does this look like ice crystals to you?", I asked.

"Paranoid, tinfoil hat, hippie. There's no such thing as chemtrails, those are contrails...Idiot", he responded.


"I might be an idiot, but can you tell me when we changed flight patterns to be perpendicular?"

Not a single natural cloud in the sky.

I had hoped to capture the beauty of the clouds passing before the moon in a short time-lapse video for my daughter. When we watched it the first time, she said, "Daddy, that doesn't look right, does it?

I hugged her and said, "No. No, honey it doesn't."

If my four-year old can instantly see it, why is it so difficult for adults who grew up in a time when these types of cloud formations did not exist?

If you still think I'm a bit looney, consider reading the document illustrated below:
Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.53.05 PM.png

Click on photo of proposed legislation to be taken to the Rhode Island government site to read the document yourself.

I'd love to know what other Steemians around the planet are experiencing regarding geoengineering.


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loved your video ,, we all look at the same moon at nights , and that's what i really love .


I love that you saw the beauty I was initially seeking to capture.

Those are not harmful chemicals at all you tinfoil hat hippie. You are just paranoid. That is fairy dust being sprinkled down from heaven to make us all happy and good citizens.. Come on dude. Just join in and accept it that you can't be happy without that fairy dust.


I/m so intrigued, I've never posted on Steemit and watched my follower count drop before.


Well, there you go. Some people like the fairy dust...

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You have a new follower and someone to hopefully reinforce that you are far from being alone. I believe we are getting closer to that critical mass of people speaking up. Knowing something is wrong is a good step but until those people gather up the courage to speak out too. I will keep posting content of what I see above my head on almost a daily basis.

Here is a video I put together a couple weeks ago now. The skies here are supposed to be clear in the morning and I will make another time lapse if they are out spraying us like bugs.

Nice post, brother. Proud of you for the way you live your life as a sacred medicine practitioner. Thank you for documenting and sharing what you see, from a scientific and spiritual point of view.

its really disgusting, there isn't actually many places that i know that are safe from this. is worse in big cities but even rural places are getting hit.... so sad! how can we make this end?!