The 5 Minute Redpill: Geoengeering (aka "Chemtrails")

in geoengineering •  last year

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Jordan, glad you have found your position of stability in the alt mediaverse. If you would like to discuss chemtrail chemistry, drop me a line. Come play in the steempunk universe, a cryptofictional reality that shreds the lame stream via cognitive dissonance. Cosmic surfboard required.

Can't wait to see your interview with Dane

Ha, watching it now just saw you dropped it! Thanks

@jaysather - great job increasing the awareness on geoengineering. I see a lot of posts from you on this topic. Kudos brother!!

I have been keen on this topic as well, and wrote a few posts here on the same topic. I have uncovered some lesser known aspects- I invite you to take a look at my posts and give me some feedback, at your convenience. Thanks in advance.

  1. How NEXRAD/Weather RADAR is manipulating weather

  2. How the water vapor is generated for artificial cloud formation