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I don’t even know what CNN is 🤣 and turn up some more music and should have never watched the new movie #Geostorm. You were missed at @steemfest !

That’s some serious topic people still don’t want to listen enough! Thanks for such detailed information and advice. I will circulate on my network for sure.

This is not my area of knowledge, but from where I can contribute I do it; For example, in the university I am the one that executes the environmental campaign, I do it through the mascot of the university that is called lucho ecological.

@originalworks. resteemed, following, upvoted. This is awesome work. Thanks so much @dakini5d

Hey @jamesc, thanks for the follow! Been trying to figure out a way to find you all year! I lost that piece of paper you gave me at Anarchapulco with your info on it. You mentioned you might be able to help me out with some of the YouTube tampering we've experienced. Anyway, happy we're finally connected. :)