Winners of the Daily Dose Challenge, Phase Nine!

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The Daily Dose Phase Nine Winners Are?

Insert Theme Music Here.... @ervin-lemark, @direwolf & @four20!

Congratulations! You are the winners of the Daily Dose Contest, Phase Nine. Your photos had the best details and clarity of the "sky art" in this phase.




@bethalea ... tell them what they have won...

Yes, @ervin-lemark you won 5 Steem and this very cool Chemmy Award!

2nd place winner @direwolf has won 3 Steem. Congrats!
3rd place winner @four20 has won 2 Steem. Congrats!

And as promised... The Best Photo/Video 3 SBD Bonus Prize goes to @veteranforcrypto with the following photo/video:

The video/photo was on time, and if you got a second, please check the post! :-)
We had 16 entries this phase and that is AWESOME, especially during the summer time.

Other Posts That Are Most Worth A Mention:

I was impressed with all the entries, so go to the last update and have a look see for yourself!

I want to personally thank everyone that submitted your photos during this phase. :-)

Eyes to the skies people and spread the word!

Big Props to you all for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say something about the Annihilation that goes on around us on a daily basis! Thanks for standing tall!

We appreciate the time and effort you put in to help spread awareness of this huge problem! And get ready... Phase Ten starts tomorrow, so get ready to snag some more shots of that fabulous sky art and post it up! You could be the next winner of the Daily Dose Challenge!

And a big shout out to our benefactors that upvote and resteem our posts, who know who you are... and we appreciate it! :-D

Look for the new post coming tomorrow! So stay tuned... And thanks again everyone!

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Thanks a lot @inthenow!

Winning STEEM feels really good.

That @veteranforcrypto's pic looks INSANE btw.


Y/W Thanks for entering! :) See you on the next one.

Hey ho, thanks a lot!

A full upvote and resteem to show my gratitude.


Thanks! Grats on the Top spot too. See ya on the next one... unless by some strange coincidence that the skies stay skyart free that is. :D

This is my 100% upvote since you won the UPVOTE THE WINNER 6 Max poker game! Plus congratulations to @ervin-lemark for winning the Chem-Trail Contest.

Winners, winners, chicken dinners!


Thanks @sgt-dan :-) Appreciate it my friend. Have a great evening.

Congrats to the other winners and to everyone entering their photos to bring this to everyone's attention.
I will be working on a post on a website I discovered which is interactive maps and it shows the spraying, where all the ionospheric heaters, nexrad data, very interesting stuff.
A special thank you to @inthenow for having this contest for us.
And yes Mr. Keith is a POS (oops I meant A giant POS)


Thanks for entering as well! :-D Looking forward to reading your post.

Congrats to the winners!


Thanks for your submissions too, much appreciated!

What’s so beautiful about chem trails? Its sad people are left in the dark and lied to about the truth of golabl warning or other global changes. Chem trails are heavy metals sprayed into the atmosphere whether to changed to weather due to ionization of the atmosphere and the heavy metals apparently reflect the suns rays back out of the atmosphere to a certain extent. If you’re gonna be looking at awe at these things you should know what it is and the reason for them.


You might be spreading the word or you might just be encouraging people to just take pictures to make money.


Also included in the heavy metals is barium oxide and with some research you can find that prolonged human exposure to this element can cause infertility


Seriously? I could give a rats ass about making money, especially on this platform. You wanna see self enrichment, go to trending. Now for the 0.8 steem.. 50 cents thereabout, is no where equal to the prizes. I've given away more steem and sbd in various contests and charities than most would even consider doing. Have a lovely day.


we are working to raise awareness of the dangers of spraying. you've missed the point and then, unfortunately, were rude to my friend. Try asking more questions before you start pointing fingers and accusing people, you might make more friends than enemies.

Congratulations to all the winners!! Thanks for the Daily Dose @inthenow!


You are welcome my friend, thanks for taking part as well! :D