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Geoengineering, SAI (Stratospheric Aerosal Injection) or ‘chemtrails’ is a subject I’ve wondered about for years. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, contrails - or - chemtrails have been a staple in our skies all of my life. I am in close proximity to major international airports, Edwards Airforce base and NASA’s JPL, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. It is not uncommon to witness rockets traveling into space take off across our skies, leaving behind their personal footprints, the chemtrails.


When I was young, I remember thinking these lines were a type of cloud. I couldn’t figure it out, because sometimes the line-clouds would disappear quickly, and sometimes they would stay for what felt like forever, and then slowly but surely, the day would turn from bright blue skies to hazy, high fog.

It did not occur to me then that there was anything mysterious or ominous about chemtrails or contrails, I used the terms interchangeably. You have a jet, of course it’s going to emit smoke-stuffs. No big deal, right? Recently I had a friend on Facebook (of all places!) begin discussing chemtrails and things suddenly clicked… what is actually going on in our skies? What are you saying, these chemtrails aren’t happy accidents but SAI? Yes, I did just link to wikipedia, totally on purpose. This is not some obscure concept like people keep trying to tell me! This is documented and accepted as fact in many different communities.

Here’s the video I found of then CIA Director John O. Brennan’s acknowledgement of SAI and Geoengineering:

So, What, Then?

My question and the beginning of my quest to understand geoengineering, chemtrails and SAI really begins there, with that question; 'so what, then?' it’s obviously being done, 'they' say it’s not bad… so why the secrecy? Why aren’t we discussing using this amazing scientific breakthrough?

This article I read from Forbes I found fascinating, and the quote that resonated with me the most was this:

"'...geoengineering is a highly risky strategy which could simultaneously benefit one region to the detriment of another,' said climate scientist and co-author Dr. Anthony Jones from the University of Exeter."

Another question I have... how many times are we, as a society, going to consciously 'benefit one region to the detriment of another'?


As I started asking these questions, another friend of mine sent me his post and reading it confirmed for me that there is way too much going on for me to sit idly by any longer. I don’t know what this says about me personally, however this list of patents frightens me.


I have children that I need to protect, and I feel that our society - America specifically - has sat around and allowed these kinds of things to go on for far too long. Our government hides tiny tidbits of debatable programs in laws that allow them to make these decisions on our behalf, however it is OUR responsibility as taxpayers and voting citizens to understand what we are voting for!

Further, when we find things that are not appropriate, not what we want, nor what we believe in, we must stand up and shout it for all to hear. Being silent and continuing with the ‘oh, it’s not so bad’ motto is not where I am interested in living any longer.

I’m only getting started on this journey and I hope you will join me as we learn together. I plan to ask all the questions and read all the things, pro and con, as I believe that is the only way to fully understand an argument. If you have thoughts or advice on what I should look at, please let me know!

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I've been looking into this subject for a number of years now and it's encouraging to see it discussed more and more but there is still a long way to go. As you yourself said, people have become accustomed to seeing mikly white hazy skies full of trails and now consider it normal. When coupled with video games and TV shows (deliberately) that show the same we have a generation of people who have no idea what the skies used to look like.

It is getting to a point now where it is getting too difficult to hide so what I think we are seeing is a gradual admission that the geoengineering is a real thing before we are told that it has to be done to save humanity.

Earlier this year the world meteorological service annouced a new type of cloud called homogenitus without much fanfare and we see reports of 'discussions' or 'trials' of geoengineering regularly in the news now.

I've been corresponding with professors from the Oxford Martin School of Geoengineering in the UK for over 2 years now as well as the UK Met Office and independent meteorologists but nobody will talk about man made cloud.

When you really start looking into this topic it gets pretty scary. How much of the cloud we see in the sky today would be classed as 'homogenitus'? I've asked that question repeatedly but am simply ignored. The reason for this I suspect is because not just cloud, but most of the weather we see today is man made and the reason this is the case is what people really need to look into.

I recently came upon a researcher into this and listened to an interview which blew my mind. He/she appears to show (using verifyable satelitte imagery) that clouds and weather events worldwide are being manufactured. The ramifications of what is suggested are huge. If you get a chance check it out here.

Thanks for bringing up this important subject which is still seen by most people under 35 years old as a 'conspiracy theory' because they simply cannot remember the skies being any other way.


hey there, @jimbobbill, thanks for your thoughtful reply.

I checked out the homogenitus cloud discussion and can't help but be horrified! Clouds made by humans aren't clouds, they're pollution!! It's almost as though they give it a fancy name and boom, we're just supposed to accept and go along our merry way?

Wait. of course that's the hope, isn't it? uggghh

I am off now to check out your researcher about weather events being manufactured. :gulp!: I'll report back my thoughts, thanks for the info!

xo, b.

Solution is simple - find on the sky at the same day and hour, and weather condition (important) two planes - one with trails and one without - I tried and never found (always both trails or always none trails), so conspiracy theory of "chemtrails" for me this way is burried


Spectroscopes are easy and cheap to buy, or even make using a smartphone (see youtube 'build spectroscope').

Spectroscopes can be used to identify the chemical components of the atmosphere (space) through which a known spectrum of light travels.


ooooooo, immabout to check how to build myself a spectroscope, thank you @lifeworship!



Whenever possible, I like to turn every tool within my knowledge to understand what is happening in the natural world, even the artificial creations contained within.

I would be interested in your results, maybe a post.


I'm not really following you here, sorry, however I think it's good to question, and hope your desire to know isn't quenched, but that you stay thirsty my friend!

b. :)

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Hey @bethalea, I've been diving into this topic myself and I can't believe how many people don't believe they are doing this. I did a post on this last week so now we have something else in common, two great minds think alike! If you get some time check out my post. It's already paid out but you have to see how many people from different countries put pictures up of the chemtrails they are seeing.




I will check out your post, I am so totally thirsty for knowledge right now, it's ridiculous.

See you Sunday?

;) xo, b!

We contribute to the expansion of the ozone hole

Aye, just tagged you in mah new post, yo.



I was born and raised in the USA and love this country to this day. The problem is we have lost our way. We used to stand for freedom, God and live and let live. This is no longer the case. We have grown into an empire similar to ancient Rome. We have military bases all over the world and we use our military to force countries around the world to use our currency to prop up our life styles and fund our out of control government. We are completely financially overextended and in debt just like Rome was before it's fall trying desperately to maintain our empire. All of these "chem trails" consist of chemicals and heavy metals that are poisoning us with every breath we take not to mention killing the planet. It is being driven by blind ambition of the military industrial complex to add one more weapon to to the arsenal and control everything and everyone. Many foreigners know exactly why all the NATO countries are spraying on a daily basis. Americans are asleep unfortunately. Between the phones, TV and the NFL there isn't much time left to be concerned about being poisoned everyday. It will not end well. Check out the link below released (still trying to figure out why) by our military.