Are "Chemtrails" Real? CIA Director John O. Brennan Seems To Think So

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Chemtrails are a favorite topic for "conspiracy theorist”, but are they real?

Many names have been given to the practice of “spraying” the skies with aerosols. Here are a few of the more popular terms used by “conspiracy theorist” :

  • Chemtrails
  • Geoengineering
  • Solar Radiation Management
  • Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
  • Climate Disruption

On June 29, 2016 the Central Intelligence Agency Director, John O. Brennan joined the ranks of conspiracy theorist when he gave a presentation in front of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In his presentation, Mr. Brennan, like all good conspiracy theorist, discussed Geoengineering or Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI), which is a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can reflect the sun’s heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.

In his talk Brennan admits that SAI can alter weather patterns in certain regions of the world, at the expense of other regions. The video can be viewed below. His talk on Geoengineering beings at the 12:00 minute mark.

Reporter James Corbett picked up on the latest government admission of Chemtrails existence and use in his interview today with author Peter Kirby, who’s book is entitled “Chemtrails Exposed : A New Manhattan Project”.

This is not the first admission of the existence and use of Chemtrails. In 2013 NASA Jet Propulsion Labratory’s Chief Systems Engineer, Riley Duren, of the Earth Science & Technology Directorate Jet Propulsion Laboratory, gave a lengthy presentation on Geoengineering. In his discussion he covered :

Concepts for directly and deliberately manipulating Earth's climate system, collectively referred to as "geoengineering," have been proposed as contingency responses to global warming. This talk will cover the motivations and risks of geoengineering and what can be done to support informed decision-making.

Link to the presentation :

Chemtrails & The MSM

Few "respected" journalist will touch the topic of Geoengineering, but in 2013 Business Insider writer Kyle Russel did just that in his article, “The CIA Wants To Control The Weather Through 'Geoengineering'”. In the article Mr. Russel indicated :

This technique has already been attempted on a small scale.

But if you live in the United States, you’ve probably seen chemtrails being undertaken on a very large scale; if not you’ve likely seen images. Here are some I’ve taken from above my own house. The images were taken over a few hours. What started as a beautiful blue sky ended in hazy horror almost blocking the sun.

Another journalist, Bob Yirka, also wrote an article in 2013 entitled, “CIA co-sponsoring geoengineering study to look at reversing global warming options”. But the history of the governments admissions goes back even further. In 2008 the CFR themselves published the, “Unilateral Geoengineering : Non-technical Briefing Notes for a Workshop”. In this document they state :

There are a variety of strategies, such as injecting light-reflecting particles into the
stratosphere, that might be used to modify the Earth’s atmosphere-ocean system in an
attempt to slow or reverse global warming.

The Facts Are In

So it’s becoming quite obvious, to those who are willing to pay attention, that Geoengineering, Chemtrails or whatever you wish to call it is quite real.

But just how far back does the technology go?

For that we need to investigate the patents that date back to the 1920′s. Just to give you a glimpse of how real this technology is, I have included a rather extensive list below with links along with some other credible resources.

Now we need to get to the bottom of Geoengineering's purpose. Currently Global Warming (aka Climate Change) is being given as the reason for their widespread use. However, if you call NASA they may tell you a different story about using Chemtrails to test wind patterns at different levels, and online bloggers and vloggers will give you an entirely different view of their true purpose. In other words, we don’t really know.

What we do know for sure is that Chemtrails are real.

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Other Resources

Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering by Alan Robock, Rutgers University :

Strategic incentives for climate geoengineering coalitions to exclude broad participation by Katharine L Ricke, Juan B Moreno-Cruz and Ken Caldeira :;

Restoring the Quality of our Environment by The President's Science Advisory Committee :,%201965,%20Restoring%20the%20Quality%20of%20Our%20Environment.pdf

Final report of the Advisory Committee on Weather Control (1958) :

Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols by Utibe Effiong and Richard L. Neitzel :

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That's an awful lot of research (and thank you), but they've publically already admitted to cloud seeding and "weather modification". So yes, they are deliberately doing things in the skies without asking the public how they feel about it. After all, in their mind, what does the public know? Just do it... ahem.

Replying to myself. But look at photos from the 60's, 70's and 80's.. You won't see STREAKS in the skies like we do today. You can talk about contrails and moisture as much as you want. I never use to be like this... we have noticed.

I can't comment on whether or not that's true but I do know that air traffic has increased quite a bit over that time.

Yes it has.. and normal condensation from a jet will last 20 - 30 minutes after it passes based on atomspheric pressure and other factors. Its the lines in the sky that sit there all day for hours and hours that people are complaining about.. that's not water vapor, it would have dissipated by that time.

Great post, I love seeing the trails overhead. I think it's all a bunch of nonsense, but who am I to say?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

This is in Navarre Florida right now. I was on my way to drop of my son at Preschool. The aerosols tend to cut on and off when they first turn them on, you can see the breaks in their U turn below. Also, many start off looking like water vapor (dissipate within 1 min) but then start to remain as if there is water in the line when they first turn them on. There were about 10 streaks all over by the time I got home. It was enough for me to stop and talk to people at the gas station about it.

Also, having observed this for a couple of months, of the plains that do leave a trail I see only 1 in about 100 that leave a consistent water vapour trail. Geo Engineering is a very large scale operation. The man-made aluminum found in the patents shows up all over the place in the environment (blood test, bee brains, air samples, water samples).

Please do the research and make up your own mind. Remember, we can't form an opinion until we know both sides of the story.

I think they're about as real as bigfoot.

10 rock solid arguments against chemtrails

  1. Why?

  2. Why?

  3. Disbursement at 30,000 feet make it impossible to control where the"chems" go at that altitude

  4. "They" still live on this planet so are getting the same effects from these chhem trails as the rest of us

  5. Why?

  6. Why?

  7. What's The Point?

  8. Seriously?

  9. Hmmm

  10. Why



Watch some of the videos, read some of the patents or articles linked to find out some of the reasons they give. The go-to reason most used today is, "to combat global warming", as Brennan and JPL allude to in their presentations as do most of the scientific papers linked to at the bottom. Which opens up an entirely new can of worms if you want to discuss global warming. ;)

If I remember what I read correctly, Mars is warming too. However that planet doesn't have a carbon tax yet. Could warming be natural cycle?

I think it could be a natural cycle. But the evidence for man-made global warming after fossil fuels are profound.

You're right on all of those.. No one is using chemtrails for what the conspiracy theorists say... to dump stuff on the population. However, they are purposely dumping stuff on the skies for cloud seeding, and "weather modification", and there is plenty of disclosure about that. So when a normal Boeing 747 Jet full of passengers crosses the sky, their contrail disappears after about 20 minutes. When you have a weather modification jet pass by, its chemtrail (as we call it) is stagnant for 2 to 6 hours after it flies by. That's what people are now noticing. We didn't notice this 20-30 years ago. But it's quite obvious now.

..and some of it is military classified. Reasons for that, are still classified. But still a training exercise for reasons that you might be interested to know "oops, are classified"

They want to spread nanotech that will crawl into your bloodstream and turn you into an hybrid. That's my best guess.

The best explanation of chemtrails I've heard recently: They are just lines of coke for Jesus.
I no longer wonder about them.

Thank You Tuck for all the links you provided here. It's interesting how the CIA is now being open about it. 😄

Generally the streaks of plane-made clouds you see in the sky really are just contrails. It's possible for planes to also seed the sky with this or that, and it's been done, but not every contrail you see in the sky is dumping something to alter the atmosphere intentionally.

Sorry for so many replies, I just keep thinking of other things to say. If you look at the images above I took I would like to point out one very important point. We don't have commercial planes flying in this area, they fly in the same path every single day, towards or away from the nearby airport. I'm not sure if it was just one plane making all of this, but I did see one plane turn around and come back to start a new trail in the opposite direction. The trail stopped as he turned, then started again as he "drew" the parallel line. I could not tell if it was the same plane that made the perpendicular lines to form the square.

Another interesting fact is that they form shapes near my house, either a "X" or a square and they do it in areas commercial jets do not fly when landing or taking off from the airport. The planes making these trails are also much higher than the commercial jets and the trails turn on and off, whereas a contrail would be consistent and dissipate over time towards the direction the plane was traveling.

I've also witnessed commercial jets leaving no contrail when the air is cooler, while one of these jets is leaving a trail in the same general area. It simply makes no sense. These are two completely different phenomenon. I will be purchasing a more power camera with longer zoom in the near future and hope to get some good video of these planes drawing in the sky above where I live. They almost always do the same thing, draw an X or square and turn off whatever is making the trail as they turn around to go in the other direction.

Not a single person in my neighborhood thinks these are contrails. Most of them are from the 40s-60s and have a military background. They'd never heard of "chemtrails" until I mentioned it one day and now I have them all using the term. :)

Contrails dissipate. The trails that we witness that stick around all day and end up creating a milky sky as they spread out and drop to the ground later in the night is geoengineering or SAI as Brennan likes to call it. They like to change the name every few years. "Chemtrails" is simply the popular term for non-government officials, simply because the trails contain chemicals.

If you're interested pfunk, skip to 15:50 in the Corbett video.

i'm kinda ashamed to say I really bought into all the conspiracy theory stuff for a long time, chemtrails included. my mind cracked open to the other sides of the debate a few months ago, and I'm happier to have gotten out of the low-theta paranoia...

this site really helped shift my understanding of the chemtrail issue:

I spent a few hours reading through the comment threads - THAT's where the gold is at. after a while, a consistent pattern becomes very clear: a very rational, mature, respectful stance with scientific facts referenced from credible sources - versus angry, paranoid nutbags who fail to provide credible evidence and resort to name-calling, who fail to have any apparent understanding of how to use proper grammar or form coherent sentences without uncontrollable releases of hostility in them.

the pattern speaks pretty clearly for itself.

not to say there aren't facts in the chemtrail perspective that aren't questionable - though it may not be what it's made out to be by the tinfoil hat crew...

I'll let the guys at the Texas Weather Modification Association know about that site you linked to so they can finally realize they're just spraying contrails into the air when they're controlling the weather. The U.S. Government is going to be really pissed to find out that's all they've been doing after being given a portion of our stolen tax dollars to modify the weather, assuming that is the only purpose. ;)

Perhaps you read the word "chemtrails" and jumped to several false conclusions and thereby created a strawman you can attack, because attacking reality is harder to accomplish. One false conclusion being that "chemtrails" aren't real. Government agencies exist (see a few in my area listed above) that use this practice routinely, and the other being that the word "chemtrails" has some other meaning outside of "chemicals" that leave "trails".

The issue most people seem to want to ignore regarding weather modification / geoengineering / chemtrails is the chemicals used in this practice and what happens when these chemicals fall to the ground later in the day. What are the effects on humans, animals and plant life? Where are the government studies showing that this practice is safe? Why weren't those studies done prior to unleashing these chemicals into the air to fall down to Earth later in the day?

I'll likely make another post at a later time discussing those very topics. Several people in this thread are willing to accept "cloud seeding" as reality (good for you!), but have failed to make the connection to the chemicals (aka chemtrails) used having any adverse effects on everything below.

Silver iodide is simply the primary component in one of the concoctions used to accomplish weather modification. There are many other chemicals used and various different combinations. Aluminum, barium and strontium are a few others that have been found to be used recently and a little research into how they can affect humans, animals and plants will go a long way into understanding why this practice needs to be halted.

If someone were to walk up and spray a concoction of chemicals into our faces, we'd be pretty upset, likely have an adverse reaction and then seek some form of legal action against the perpetrator. However, when governments do the same thing to us from the sky, it's apparently a "conspiracy theory" or accepted as completely normal. This Stockholm syndrome mentality needs to change.

apparently there's a lawsuit going down in Canada regarding this. not sure if it's legit, though would be interesting to see how it flies if so...

From slack :

He's talking about geoengineering as a possibility of geopolitical futures

I'm going under the assumption that "possibility" is what you're keying on with that comment. It's like Obama saying, "No boots on the ground!", after he's dumped our troops into Syria; as just one example of how governments lie to the people to maintain plausible deniability. ;)


This video is linked in my post, but thanks! :)

They are politician who are talking about chemtrails openly presenting them as an artificial shield for the Earth which will bounce back Sun heat into the space without allowing the heat to enter out atmosphere. Therefore i don't know why are some people so much against the idea of chemtrails, dont be afraid of admitting there is someone above you who can do what ever he wants with your life. I personaly dont think there is a good agenda behind chemtrails, but there might be, politician could really be working on the global warming issue.

Geo Engineering has been used since the 1940s to cover up global warming. Today's materials are highly toxic to the environment. It is a public health hazard. Geo Engineering causes global warming in many ways including causing damage to the ozone and killing plankton. Nano-scale aluminum is a free-formed man made aluminum not found in nature. Well, it is now. The only clear link is the air plains. This is why people are so much against Geo Engineering. Just because Oxy may help a patient with arthritis feel less pain does not mean there will not be dire consequences and an advancement of the disease.

Disclaimer : I like James Corbett's research and reporting style. But there are plenty of other worthy researchers not falling for the hype. Find your own that you like. ;)

What a fantastic article mate! Check out the Space Preservation Act from October 2001 as well if you haven't already seen it.

Excellent post

I will follow you

His entire (scripted) "speech" feels like a psyop and mind-programming. Dangerous now I need to deprogram myself.

Monsanto was at the head of this dead dragon.