The Truth about Geo Engineering, Climate Change, What has Already been admitted by the government, Haarp, a Physicist and even MSM! Evidence and Proof!

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This will be a compilation and supplementation to an article I did a year ago, but as I have noticed the radical progressives have upped the ante in attacking anyone he Dares to post the truth along with evidence is heavily attacked.

This article attempts to go back and show the history behind and background which leads us to the various "programming techniques," which are proven to be predatory practices used by those wishing to pad their pockets.

In other words, the globalists use various Universities, research arms (Like SRI connected to the C_a) and the political arena to push their New World Order agenda.

Are they Really spraying our skies with chemicals? What a physicist has to say about Cloud Seeding! Government patents on weather

The article above lays out information, sources, verified links which Include mainstream media. I say that because many on the left claim it's not of any use if it isn't from Mainstream Media. They mock and belittle if it isn't coming off of the airwaves they are accustomed to from their Tell a Vision Box!

But Then even When you give them a mainstream media source as in this case where a Top Scientist tells CBS Haarp was responsible for recent hurricanes.

Now this was from a CBS news clip so Should fit their bill of MSM, but even when presented with Dr. Kaku, a Physicist, they continue to deny. In other words, No Evidence satisfies them.

Hear Dr. Michio Kaku talk specifically about Haarp affecting hurricanes people have experienced.

Going to bring this mainstream media clip in Right where the reporter and Dr. Kaku. Sadly these people out to spread disinfo and do all they can to distract erroneously tell themselves and attempt to tell others they're just "experiementing and while their speech is riddled with name calling and belittling. . .they actuall try to tell Dr. Kaku and US that the ionosphere has No affect whatsoever on weather. I guess they feel Non-thinking people will buy this hook line and sinder. They Know they're in trouble because people are Now Thinking more!

In here you will Also hear the reporter

Their method of operation consistently shows they will Deny, Deny when faced with Any kinds of evidence as they belittle and mock you, essentially they will tell You that you are stupid even as you bring them the evidence that shows proof of the very concept they try to refute. Brainwashed much? Ultimately it is sad because these people are denying themselves the truth and you wonder Why they are so adamant about supporting a globalist agenda that has been proven to Not be for people. . .think Monsanto which should defy every liberals belief of clean food and eating. . .yet, there they are standing up for Agenda 21 and 30 which they either haven't read or they read it through globalist colored glasses which must constantly flash a neon sign. .."don't worry about this blatant dichotomy and abuse of people. ..rather simply Defend it!

They are hopping mad even when you bring up evidence of Haarp patents, they have Told themselves Haarp isn't doing even what the Physicist claims and they actually try to argue on the grounds that they believe a patent doesn't mean anything just because there are so many patents. They like to pull this one out of what they think is their arsenal, but sadly only exposes their brainwashed state for them to try to even use this as if it bears Any weight.

There are even patents for walking through walls.

That's right, they think this will make us leave All other evidence and logic behind. How is it they don't see the obvious like the discerning. .. a logical thought process follows. ..Why would there be a patent for something if people weren't already experimenting and Carrying out? Their just doing it to pass the time? Really? And they have government programs and NGO's throwing money at it just to do Nothing?

Suffice it to say, these mockers and haters of truth generally have many Dead giveaways they are already Owned and slaves to the globalists or they are actively paid to go about with their throw away accounts and attempt to keep people from looking at the evidence by yelling the same phrase yelled over and over for people they have taken out like Bill Cooper for simply exposing their diabolical agenda. . .Their phrase. ..Conspiracy Theorist.

Every one of these people exposing truth that have gone before us warned us. . .this is the C_a phrasing to take the heat off of their obvious predatory practices. You can see where they have "experimented" right here.

Also shows the connections between Christine Blasey Ford and exposes her connections to the C_a and how they use 501c3's to further their agenda.

For example,

Much has been circulating concerning Blasey being connected to the CIA and having a SCI clearance.

It is within the range of probability Blasey would need a Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Clearance in dealing with the research both from Standford And Standford Research International (the research arm under a 501c3 set up by a board of trustees from Stanford to protect their research). Stanford was originally called Standford Research Institute back in the day when Engelbart set up the Mother of all Demos. . .a machine to aide in pulling off the Arpanet and inducting what we know today as Google, Facebook and all other forms of trackable data for number crunching, pattern predicting and all around people targeting.

SRI has had quite the history of being involved in "experimental research."

Their annual revenue was about $540 million in 2014. I would say they would Want to keep all That protected. All tax free and viable for "experiments like.

biomedical sciences
chemistry and materials
Earth and space systems
economic development
education and learning
energy and environmental technology
security and national defense
as well as sensing and devices
SRI has received more than 4,000 patents and patent applications worldwide. Now That is very Convenient!

They is at least One link between D.C. and the west coast as stated in a previous article,

As a refresher, it was Professor Robert Swain, friend of Herbert Hoover, who proposed they create a research institute to protect themselves and research. Former president Herbert Hoover was one of the Trustees of Stanford. He became less active in his role there when he became president, but maintained a relationship with the University and research institute.

Some of the "projects" SRI had a hand in, (these are just brief, will give the article link below if you wish to find out more)


In April 1953, Walt and Roy Disney hired SRI (and in particular, Harrison Price) to consult on their proposal for establishing an amusement park in Burbank, California.

Technicolor Corporation

In 1952, the Technicolor Corporation contracted with SRI to develop a near-instantaneous, electro-optical alternative to the manual process of timing during film copying. In 1959, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented the Scientific and Engineering Award jointly to SRI and Technicolor for their work on the design and development of the Technicolor electronic printing timer which greatly benefited the motion picture industry.

Anything related to the screen industry generally leads back to this,

Loos patent on Nervous System Manipulation done with a grant from the government. Why do you suppose they did this?

Even Hendricus G. Loos pointed out how this could be used for evil purposes.

The invention relates to the stimulation of the human nervous system by an electromagnetic field applied externally to the body. A neurological effect of external electric fields has been mentioned by Wiener (1958), in a discussion of the bunching of brain waves through nonlinear interactions. The electric field was arranged to provide “a direct electrical driving of the brain”.

Did this report about a year and a half ago which covers this far more in depth and was a real eye opener (no pun intended) for me.

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.


In the 1950s, SRI worked under the direction of the Bank of America to develop ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting) and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR). The ERMA project was led by computer scientist Jerre Noe, who was at the time SRI's assistant director of engineering. As of 2011, MICR remains the industry standard in automated check processing.

Modern Computer/human Interface, laying groundwork for Arpanet and what became the current internet

Douglas Engelbart, the founder of SRI's Augmentation Research Center (ARC), was the primary force behind the design and development of the multi-user oN-Line System (or NLS), featuring original versions of modern computer-human interface elements including bit-mapped displays, collaboration software, hypertext, and precursors to the graphical user interface such as the computer mouse. As a pioneer of human-computer interaction, Engelbart is arguably SRI's most notable alumnus.

Computer controlled tracks for subways and railroads

In the early 1960s, Hewitt Crane and his colleagues developed the world's first all-magnetic digital computer, based upon extensions to magnetic core memories.

Robotics and AI

In 1966, SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center began working on "Shakey the robot", the first mobile robot to reason about its actions.

Packet Switching

First connection on a wide area network to use packet switching in 1969. . . ARPANET, was established between nodes at Leonard Kleinrock's laboratory at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Douglas Engelbart's laboratory at SRI using Interface Message Processors at both sites.

SRI developed packet-switched radio (a precursor to wireless networking), over-the-horizon radar, Deafnet, vacuum microelectronics, and software-implemented fault tolerance.

First Internet Transmission Menlo Park,

First true Internet transmission occurred on November 22, 1977, when SRI originated the first connection between three disparate networks. Data flowed seamlessly through the mobile Packet Radio Van between SRI in Menlo Park, California and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles via London, England, across three types of networks: packet radio, satellite, and the ARPANET.

CIA Projects kept secret until 1995 involving Pseudoscience

1972 CIA shows it's involvement once again with,
a series of investigations of psychic phenomena sponsored by the CIA, for which they coined the term remote viewing.

Led by Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ

n 1972, Targ joined the Electronics and Bioengineering Laboratory at SRI as a senior research physicist. Here are the government funded groups where he and Puthoff conducted research for,

the CIA
Defense Intelligence Agency
Army Intelligence
He worked for Stanford Research International until 1982.

Targ's contributions at Lockheed involved, aviation windshear sensing applications of Doppler heterodyne lidar technology. I would say that is useful for an agenda.

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Global Doppler Wind Lidar Market With Economic Growth, Business Competitors, Opportunity Assessment and Five Forces Analysis By 2024.

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Targ and Puthoff are the ones who coined the term remote-viewing which is defined as, the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind."

They were attempting to differentiate it from clairvoyance defined, from French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is the alleged ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.

So why did the CIA fund it? Are they generally involved in rogue programs which are funded by the American people who don't get a chance to vote on these "programs" or "experiments." Are they conducted without people's knowledge and permission?

No doubt SRI is attached to numerous sectors, industry and government in our society.

So why is this important concerning Blasey.

There may indeed be a direct connection as reported by intelligence services, right now, there is Proof the CIA is connected to Stanford through it's arm under a 501c3 cover and funding avenue called Stanford Research International.

Does this concern anyone else considering all they are involved in along with "signaling Science, when their Own research institute doesn't always abide by their own Scientific Rules."

Reeks of one set of rules for Us and another for Them!

Blasey does work for Stanford School of Medicine and is listed here on their site,

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 7.54.26 AM.png

Some intelligence reports are citing that she is connected to the CIA Internship Program at Stanford.

It can be verified she is a Faculty Member of Standford's PGSP, Practitioner Generalist Scholarship Program Consortium.

If you go here, you can see 62 documents either co-written or written by Christine Blasey,

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Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 7.56.15 AM.png

Some intelligence reports are citing that she is connected to the CIA Internship Program at Stanford.

It can be verified she is a Faculty Member of Standford's PGSP, Practitioner Generalist Scholarship Program Consortium.

If you go here, you can see 62 documents either co-written or written by Christine Blasey,

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 7.56.51 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 7.57.36 AM.png

It becomes fairly easy to spot their common thread. Far more can be found in this article which contains more research and sources,

Christine Blasey works at Stanford where she researched an abortion drug for the company she works for and produces drug, Covers more Stanford research Projects

Remote Viewing programs funded by C_a through Stanford Research Institute

in 1970 U.S. intelligence sources believed that the Soviet Union was spending 60 million rubles annually on "psychotronic" research. In response to claims that the Soviet program had produced results, the CIA initiated funding for a new program known as SCANATE ("scan by coordinate") in the same year. Remote viewing research began in 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

I suppose it's the Do, Spend, Justify and make excuses later to a citizenry where the elitists and wealthy don't care and are possibly entertained by these "government. . .meaning You and I programs" because they already have connections as Christine Blasey's family did to Stanford and various other Universities to send their kids to elite schools, the rest of us must work 2 to 3 jobs while our kids also help absorb debt to attend Universities involved in programs like this?

But hey, no worries. . ."It's SCIENCE, all for Science!" Don't you like working all those jobs to insure Their ability to "experiment?"

In 1985 Army funding was terminated and the program redesignated SUN STREAK and funded by the DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

They wouldn't be working on one of those Georgia Guidestone Goals by any chance, would they? Together we can just "hope not!" After all, they may come back and tell us it was all for naught again.

In 2006, SRI was awarded a $56.9 million contract with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to provide preclinical services for the development of drugs and antibodies for anti-infective treatments for avian influenza, SARS, West Nile virus and hepatitis.

First National Air Pollution Symbposium, Thank you SRI for your keen interest!

This is Very Interesting as they were the First on the scene for air quality and "pollution." Do you ever ask yourself, pollution by whom? Who is In Charge of what is going into the atmosphere? How are They conducting their experiments and just Who makes Them accountable?

Stanford Research Institute (as it was initially called under it's 501c3) performed much of the early research on air pollution and the formation of ozone in the lower atmosphere. SRI sponsored the First National Air Pollution Symposium in Pasadena, California, in November 1949.

Experts gave presentations on pollution research, exchanged ideas and techniques, and stimulated interest in the field. . Did they Ever as "Environment Saving mechanisms/regulations make many people a pretty penny and have done so for Years to come!

Who were the people poking around in the ozone? Was it us, whom they blame or were they the ones conduction these experiments?

The event was attended by 400 scientists, business executives, and civic leaders from the U.S. SRI co-sponsored subsequent events on the subject. That would be helpful for them to continue pocketing those trillions of dollars in funding!

Centibots, little minute wonders!

Stanford Research International created centibots in designed to coordinate in large numbers in order to achieve a single goal, an early example of swarm robotics. The $2.2 million project was sponsored by DARPA and had principal investigator SRI International along with other investigators University of Washington's Robotics and State Estimation Lab, Stanford University and ActivMedia Robotics.

Procedural Reasoning System and BDI-based intelligent agents

In 1986, became the 8th registered ".com" domain. The Artificial Intelligence Center developed the Procedural Reasoning System (PRS) in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. PRS launched the field of BDI-based intelligent agents.

In medicine and chemistry, SRI developed dry-powder drugs, laser photocoagulation.

Just interesting!

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.08.40 AM.png

This chart gives some scope and sequence, demonstrating they have their "hands" in a great deal providing Quite the reach and influence into many industries!

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.10.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.11.36 AM.png

Take a look at this, companies spawned from SRI,

Intuitive Surgical's robotic surgery system, the da Vinci Surgical System
Working with investment and venture capital firms, SRI and its former employees have launched more than 60 spin-off ventures in a wide range of fields, including Siri (acquired by Apple), Tempo AI (acquired by, Redwood Robotics (acquired by Google), Desti (acquired by HERE), Grabit, Kasisto, Artificial Muscle, Inc. (acquired by Bayer MaterialScience), Nuance Communications, Intuitive Surgical, Ravenswood Solutions, and Orchid Cellmark.

Former SRI staff members have also established new companies. In engineering and analysis, for example, notable companies formed by SRI alumni include Weitbrecht Communications, Exponent and Raychem. Companies in the area of legal, policy and business analysis include Fair Isaac Corporation, Global Business Network and Institute for the Future.

Research in computing and computer science-related areas led to the development of many companies, including Symantec, the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, E-Trade, and Verbatim Corporation. Wireless technologies spawned Firetide and venture capital firm enVia Partners. Health systems research inspired Telesensory Systems.

No doubt SRI is attached to numerous sectors, industry and government in our society.

So why is this important concerning Blasey.

There may indeed be a direct connection as reported by intelligence services, right now, there is Proof the CIA is connected to Stanford through it's arm under a 501c3 cover and funding avenue called Stanford Research International.

Does this concern anyone else considering all they are involved in along with "signaling Science, when their Own research institute doesn't always abide by their own Scientific Rules."

Reeks of one set of rules for Us and another for Them!

According to Waking Times and various other sources,

Director Brennan specifically mentions a type of SRM known as stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI. As Brennan notes, SAI is “a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.”

Brennan goes on to claim that an SAI geoengineering program could limit global temperature increases, a claim that has been disputed in several studies. For example, Activist Post recently reported on a new analysis released by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The FMI is the government agency responsible for reporting weather data and forecasts in Finland. The Institute’s study, “Modelling radiative and climate effects of aerosols: from Anthropogenic emissions to geoengineering,” examined the potential for SRM to combat climate change.

The study specifically looked at two types of SRM. The first involved marine aerosol concentrations use to increase clouds, while the second looked at increasing the amount of sulphur concentrated in the stratosphere. The researchers stated that their key objectives were to “investigate the potential of aerosols to cool the climate at the global scale, and identify the possible limits in the effectiveness of the Solar Radiation Management techniques as well as the risks related to these techniques.”

See more in sources below.



Either we change big time or we die