Trails in the Sky 1!

in geneva •  19 days ago

Wondering the highlands is both rejuvenating and therapeutic. I get to clear my mind of distracting thoughts and find a little tranquillity. Taking the time to chill out and enjoy nature is something I don’t do enough of. Geneva was a great opportunity to take things in my stride and enjoy my travels with a little more flexibility.

The weather was mild, a slight breeze in the air making the hike pleasant. It can become a little tiring when travelling in humid weather but with just the right climate I was happily enjoying this day without issue. Sometimes I like to simply wander and hike around different areas for scenic views. There might not be anything iconic to visit but the joy of discovering a new view or coming across some wildlife is fulfilling in itself.

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While this picture is stunning, I agree with @sergiomendes), the chem trails have a negative side. But I for one still appreciate the picture. Thank you @maysun.

This trails do create an awesome imagery but we can't forget that they are pollution. 😢 Literally what is destroying our planet.

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