Genetically Modified Livestock ➡️ ELITE DAIRY🐮SUPER-COWS ARE MAKING HUGE AMOUNTS OF $$$ AT💰AUCTIONS ➡️ Moo Moo WHAT TO DO❔➡️ "Man is by nature a political animal." — Aristotle 🔥

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I dunno whats going on in other parts of the world but I know you can get a cow around here for less than 200,000$. Pretty sure the situation is the same all over the globe. Yes, the US is one of the most innovating countries on this planet and its no surprise I hear it from them first. My feelings about it are confused, hopefully, by the end of this post we see where I really stand with it, how you feel about it and of course how do cows feel about it!



Not that a cow isn't worth the money but the whole scene behind it. I was surprised how that dude said they are not making a lot of money or something in that fashion. Gimme a break, you are making tons of money. Let me remind everyone a cow was sold for over 200K, lolz!

Go cows I guess!


Genetically Bred Cows

Genetically modified livestock (GM livestock) are organisms from the group of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, birds, horses and fish kept for human consumption, whose genetic material (DNA) has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. In some cases, the aim is to introduce a new trait to the animals which do not occur naturally in the species. These animals supposed to be healthy, "genetically correct" right? How do you guys feel about it=? I'm on board if that's the case, but...


It doesn't get any better than this!:)

I love animals and would love if people who are making huge dollars of them could also provide that TOP notch environment.


Attention and care!

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What a cow😅😅😅


Baby what:)) True handsome :)

Milk is not good for adults it is only for kids I have never seen a adult cow drinking milk. GMO food is the biggest shit out there I never eat that stuff and will never it is just to make the rich more money and that's it but we don't know really what for side effects it has so better is to not take it.

ORGANIC FOOD all the way!!!

Check out this crazy shit bro they drill holes in cows :(


I love milk, some say its good at least a little bit from time to time... I have like real cows around here, milk first hand lolz:)) ORGANIC POWER BRO!

I have a bad tummy for these kinds of things I will pass:))

Stay awesome bro!


I was drinking a lot of milk back in the days but after some good talks and reads I stopped. Yes fresh milk is the best do you know that raw milk is illegal in the US.

I love cows, they are beautiful and gentle creatures as long as you don't bother them or their babies. The bulls are different. LOL

My husband's cousin had a dairy farm and we used to love to visit, and help with the milking and I would cuddle with the young calves.

Working on a dairy farm is hard work, and it starts early and is every day. I could only do it for a visit.

I love dairy products, too. Yogurts, cheeses, milk, cream, and more. Most of all, ice cream!

I am a bit afraid of GMO products. We will have to see long term what the effects are.

Really enjoyed your post, upvoted, resteemed and followed you @kid4life