My New Tattoo

in #general4 years ago


Got a tattoo of an anchor recently
Now every time I pass out from drinking my friends draw a big 'W' in front of it


My kind of supportive mates! ;0)

haha 90% of ppl here are just congratulating me on my new tattoo :S

I was reading them, hilarious, with the 'W' too :0p

No-one gets it! These replies are comedy 😂

Your talents are wasted, I'm sorry.

haha it's not exactly my crowd from twitter, but it's a start
baby steps

I'm trying a giant leap to break the trend:

You don't happen to know anyone with say, 50000 SP Lying around do you?

Definitely not wasted, those that get it get double the laughs with the Wanchor & these comments lmao.

Blockchain boogie :D

Welcome to the relatively small club chuckling away in the background!

nice tatt!!

didnt really get a tat, it was just a one liner joke :)

u wanchor

Thanks for clarifying lol.

LUL Glad to have clarified that for you (and many more too, I know)

Better a "W," than an "ST" ⚓


upvote & resteem your post duddy

Very good I like your tattoo

Nice one where did you get it?
I'm doing a Polynesian tattoo here in New Zealand in 3 days =)

Wow amazing tatto and make big W i like it

Way to go sailor..😁👍⚓

@minboot resteem this Post .
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hello there..I am from Philippines..thanks for replying

hi i'm from bangladesh i love Phillippines pepole

You should take a close lookup photo for the tattoo XD

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wonderful tattoo

I feel your pain, when I pass out my friends tend to draw old-timey cannons on my face.

Pretty cool. I'd like to get one but not sure what to get yet. :)

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