Is it a good morning?

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The sun rises, slowly when this is taken , the morning dew falls on the grass and the birds start to whistle again; a new day has started. Here that is around 5 am when lights starts coming up. I can’t sleep . As the first part of the day it affects how the rest of your day goes. And with rain coming today and my insomnia won’t be a great one I guesss. Alarm is not needed that’s a fact. I have a few days off soon so I will sleep then. While I am thinking about this I get paniced. On some days this means a direct confrontation with all tasks that have to be done on half energy level.

A presentation at work, prospects of housekeeping or an exam at school, homeschooling kids or that important pitch hi need to do, sometimes there is enough to worry about while you are just awake to early and all seems that eliphant you don’t want to encounter.

In these moments, any support is welcome, especially from someone like you. Do you want to give someone that nice feeling immediately after waking up bad?

Then it helps if you use some creativity in your good morning messages, but what exactly would you say?

Leave your original ones in the comments ....

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Date : 29 july 2020


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