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Hello steemian,
How are you?
I hope all are good and enjoying your wonderful day, you know what according to the the Muslim culture today is big festival which name is Eid ul fitra. After 1 month comes with festival 1 time in yearly comes this festival. Struggling one month full of of fasting that's result today gave by only one God.

I want to share some pictures with my small brothers and sisters I hope you are enjoying this, actually today is our big festival so all are very happy that's why I enjoy my day .


Selfie with some small child who is related with me brother and sister all are cousins.
Today I captured this picture early morning and I want to share all steemit members. I clicked all picture with my my old phone which name is realme 5S. Its rear camera 48 megapixel and front camera 22 megapixel.
I hope everyone watching my post and give blessing thank you so much all elders your small brother alexcharlie.