The Ouroboros and the Coding of Time

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Donald Trump has a time riddle to his entire existence. Everything he does is all about the kabbalastic expression of time, through numbers, buildings, dates and symbolism. In this article I am listing all my Gematria time discoveries I found so far. Let us begin with the 88 and work our way through related words and phrases. I also tie in astrotheology and Golden Gate Bridge related words and phrases.

88 Trump.PNG

Alisteir Crowley, founder of Thelemia magick and huge inspiration for modern kabbalists. He worshipped Saturn, a theme we find throughout the elites worldwide, often symbolized by the black cube.
88 Crowley.PNG

88 Saturn.PNG

The kabbalists worship Isis, mother goddess of the Moon, ruler of the Silver Gate and connected to Sirius, a highly worshipped star. In Hebrew, Isis equals 88.
88 Isis Hebrew.PNG

Mercury aka Hermes, Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus, as above, so below, needs 88 days to circle the Sun. The elites worship him as bringer of knowledge. Fitting, that he equals 88 in Hebrew.
88 Mercury Hebrew.PNG

Mercury is so important, Trump even arranged the Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un not just on a 6/12 day, pointing to Revelation 6:12 but also with Mercury EXACTLY at 88° ecliptic - just 1° off the Silver Gate, ruled by Isis. The sun at that moment was between the horns of Taurus, the bull. That is also the symbol of Isis.

North Korea US Singapore summit Mercury 88° Silver Gate.jpg

We always look at San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and California. It has been heavily encoded into all these riddle. The first settlement of San Francisco turns 88,888 on August 10, 2019.

88 Francisco.PNG

88 California.PNG

88888 days first San Francisco settlement.PNG

Back to the Future is all about time. It encodes predictive programming for 9/11 and a second time event. The Delorean jumps time 'at 88 Miles per hour'.
88 at 88 miles per hour (Back to the Future).PNG

Very important: On August 10, we have the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarchy. 22:7 is an approximation of Pi. This is the number for the circle, geometry and TIME.
88 French Revolution.PNG

88 Pi Ritual Golden Gate.PNG


The Ouroboros is the symbol of time, biting its own tail, devouring itself. It represents the Milky Way, the circle of time and the alchemical process from one state to the next. The occult kabbalists try to alchemically change the world through slow social engineering, underlined with Numerology, Astrology and Geometry in buildings.

48 Ouroboros.PNG

48 Donald Trump Gematria.PNG

48 Light Year.PNG


The Ouroboros is also connected to Chronos aka Saturn, father time.

51 Ouroboros.PNG

Chronos aka Saturn, god of time
510 Chronos (Greek).PNG

511 Saturn.PNG

51 Light Year.PNG

51 Father Time.PNG


Another name for the Ouroboros is World Snake, equaling 58. That is one of Trump's favorite number, connecting to the Temples in Jerusalem and many more time riddles. Realize how stars, calendar and Gregorian fit perfectly into this riddle. The Gregorian calendar was created around the time of the King James Bible, both perfectly coded according to kabbalistic numbers.

58 World Snake (Ouroboros).PNG

58 Time Traveler.PNG

58 The End Times.PNG

58 Star Gematria.PNG

58 Stars Gematria.PNG

58 Zodiac Gematria.PNG

58 Gregorian Gematria.PNG

58 Calendar Gematria.PNG

93 & 487

93 is the number of Saturn and Alisteir Crowley's Thelemia. That connects to Ouroboros in Hebrew:
487 Ouroboros Hebrew 93rd Prime Pi.PNG, equaling 487, which is the 93rd Prime Number.

487 93rd Prime.PNG

It is all about Saturn, keeper of time:
And who tempers with quantum physics and time? Cern!
487 Large Hadron Collider.PNG

93 Saturn.PNG

93 The Black Cube.PNG

93 End of Days.PNG

We also find important Christ references in this number:
93 Gods Son.PNG

93 Crucifix.PNG

93 Nazareth.PNG

The 101, is a very powerful number, which has been pushed recently during the Christchurch shooting, equaling Father Time and Donald Trump in Hebrew:

Father Time in Hebrew:

101 Father Time Hebrew.PNG

Donald Trump in Hebrew:
101 Donald Trump Hebrew.PNG

101 Crowley.PNG

101 Sorcerer.PNG

101 Golden Gate and Silver Gate.PNG

101 Pi Ritual Golden Gate.PNG

101 Full Circle.PNG

101 Tree of Life.PNG

101 Christian.PNG

101 Church.PNG

101 Jesus Crucifixion.PNG

1010 Revelation.PNG

And don't forget the time distance from the Great Japanese Earthquake on 3/11/11 to August 11, 2019: Exactly 101 months!

101 months from Great Japanese Earthquake 311 to August 11.PNG

And the route 101, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge, leading through the Robin Williams Tunnel:

101 Golden Gate Bridge Route 101.jpg


A very connected time number. Keep in mind that Trump was born on a day with a Blood Moon.

105 Ouroboros.PNG

105 Time loop.PNG

105 Light Year.PNG

105 Father Time.PNG

105 Messianic Age.PNG

105 Blood Moon.PNG


The longitude of the city of San Francisco is 122° West. The kabbalistic agenda is to transform the world with Alchemy, Numerology and Astrology, the magic of Hermes.

122 Meridian West San Francisco.PNG

122 World Snake (Ouroboros).PNG

122 Alchemy.PNG

122 Hermeticism.PNG

122 the End Times.PNG

122 The End Is Near.PNG

The Great American Eclipse, with its zenith on the 88° Meridian West, plays a huge role in this riddle. The second eclipse in 2024 will create an X-mark over southern Illinois, the Land of Lincoln and also called 'Little Egypt'.

122 Great American Eclipse.PNG

St Francis of Assisi is the name giver of both Pope Francis and San Francisco. His 811 riddle is huge but connected to numbers we will not further look at today. But his legacy found its way in here nevertheless through the 122:
122 Pope Francis.PNG

122 San Francisco.PNG

122 Golden State.PNG


The number of the Golden Gate Bridge fits perfectly to the Norse name for the Ouroboros, 'Jormungandr'.

135 Jormungandr (Ouroboros).PNG

135 Lunar Eclipse.PNG

2019 is the 'Year of the Pig'.
135 Year of the Pic.PNG

135 Golden Gate Bridge.PNG

And 'El presidio Real de San Francisco' turns 88,888 days on August 10.
135 El Presidio Real de San Francisco.PNG


Donald Trump and the Ouroboros have a double overlap with 44 and 138. Also, the Great Pyramid is 138.8 meters tall.

138 Ouroboros.PNG

138 Light Year.PNG

138 Blood Moon.PNG

138 Donald Trump.PNG

144 - Time and Light

2019 is the year 1440 in the Moslem calendar. 144 is THE number of time and endlessly related to 88 and the entire time riddle.

time gematria 144.PNG

light gematria 144.PNG

time of no time gematria 144.PNG

the time has come gematria 144.PNG

'The Great Pyramid' encodes both Light and Time in Hebrew

144 Great Pyramid Hebrew.PNG


The Ouroboros seems to be related to itself and Christ symbology. It equals 1200 in Greek and in Hebrew.

1200 Ouroboros.PNG

1200 World Snake (Ouroboros).PNG

1200 Lord Jesus Christ.PNG

1200 Georgia Guidestones.PNG

1200 The G of Freemasonry.PNG


And finally, the good ol' 888, triple eight and divine number of time. Trump must feel very special about himself...

888 Time Traveler.PNG

888 Donald J Trump.PNG

Sirius is also called 'Morning Star' and 'Star of Isis'.
888 Morning Star.PNG

888 The Star of Isis.PNG

1388 and the Great Pyramid

And last but not least, the reference number to the Great Pyramid, which is 138.8 meters tall, as mentioned before under 138-codes.

Father Time in Greek equals exactly that number, just like the Trump Tower in Chicago. This is also encoded in the difference between the JFK assassination and 9/11 with 13808 days.

1388 Father Time Greek.PNG

Trump Tower Chicago 1388 ft tall.PNG


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Well, you can read a lot of things into random numbers.
In Germany for example, the 88 is a "secret" code among neo-nazis for the phrase Heil Hitler (HH - 88), and the 18 for Adolf Hitler. But its just letters and numbers, at the end of the day.


But its just letters and numbers, at the end of the day.

Maybe, but a lot of people practice Kabbalah and in that believe God created the world by merging the number with the letter with word. When you believe that numbers carry a certain vibration that promises you enlightening through rituals including numbers, stars, names, colors, symbols, sex magick and much much more, you go as far as to give your life to that. Or that of others.


But that would mean, letters and words existed before man - which is nonsensical.

Very interesting, as usual! All these connections.

Also this is the first time I've seen you mention Aleister Crowley (you probably have before, but I might have missed it). He is someone who really fascinates me. I don't know a great deal about him, but the few times I looked into him, I found some interesting synchronicities. Have you ever written about him specifically? Would love to read it if so :)

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With such impressive statistics right in front of our face.. it’s becoming clearer and clearer that whom posses this knowledge gains divine power. Time travel?.. who knows but I don’t doubt it at this point.

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