The Night Stalkers

in #gedwriting4 years ago

Have you ever been so determined to grab a hold of something so badly that it seems that your whole world begins to revolve around it. Something you could take for yourself, just as quickly as you could snatch a bird’s feather making its way from the sky to the ground. This is a thought I have every second of every day being a homicide detective in Boston. But I don’t wish to catch feathers, I wish to catch murders who take lives whenever they wish, ending lives for them is like finishing a cup of coffee. They savour it but are still so eager to move onto the next one, and the next, and the next. The warmth rushing over them, giving a short sense of relief in this lonely world, but still washing the blood off their hands and carrying on with everyday tasks.

It becomes even more frustrating when the thing or person you are after seems to disappear just as quickly as you catch a glimpse of them, making you wonder if you ever saw them at all. A dance, going one step forwards and two steps backwards with no sight of a happy future for anyone. That’s how it is with our current serial killers on the loose. The Night Stalkers is the name the newspapers have given them, it seems a perfect fit as they only attack at night and have no relations to the victims either. They also don’t seem to have a typical pattern and just as we think there is one, The Night Stalkers toy with us and prove us wrong over again. So far, the victims have been men, women, children of all ages and races, ex-cons and marines. From a range of professions; doctors, teachers, politicians and the list goes on. They stay in the shadows of the night and take their victims with no witnesses left behind. The killings seem as though they are rituals or sacrifices which are not like the kind we have in the books, they completely drain of blood of the victims whilst they are still alive. And carve symbols of which we have yet to find the meaning of, into their skin, all over their bodies. After each killing, they leave a message. As far there are 22 killings, one every day. We need help on this one. If you are still alive, you fear for your life. Say good-bye to your loved ones. Stay out of the shadows. No one is safe from them.