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A post to advertise a post you already did. I have to say, I am pretty confused. I felt when I noticed you posting about kito diet last week that perhaps you finally know what you are going to do with reputation, and that is why you are suddenly posting as if you are a blogger rather than a CEO. And now I have looked to see that in the past month or two you have just been doing really irrelevant, nothing-to-them posts.

Now, of course you are allowed to do this. But, I am confused, because it is not what you used to do. What is even weirder, is that your posts do not have high payouts beneath the strikethrough, so it does not even appear that this could be to do with the acquisition of a higher rep.

I don't really know what's going on, but my intuition is awfully reliable, and it tells me something is.

There is a 99.9% chance you will not tell me, but it will be a 100% chance you will not if I do not ask. So, can you tell me, who or what is pressuring you into posting more frequently? and to what end?


make it seem like there is no sell off

Perhaps.. But surely no one would believe that could work. But I wouldn't call it a sell off per se, for the intention is obviously to buy back low. I too know how high this will be heading in august/September period, and if I had any STEEM, and especially if I had a lot of STEEM, and especially if other whales in my network were getting far too powerful far too quickly, I might be inclined to do the same.

your reasoning is flawed

it is definitely a sell off and has been happening continuously through multiple accounts for the past year at least suppressing price as everyone else was convinced how good it was to power up so the whales could sell.

why would steem rise again with no user retention and a terrible standard for content?

you realize there are 100's of competitors to steem with far better models.

one thing is for sure the power down hurts everyone who remains powered up as in a POS system the total amount staked dictates reward fund

current reward pool 748,374 Steem

was around 755k last week

I see that the problem is you believe the markets are controlled by supply and demand. From my perspective, they're not. They're controlled by bots, and based on my observation, I would go as far to say a machine learning algorithm with an army of bots and unlimited funds at its disposal, and a keen interest in getting better at making profits- though I suspect that is not the primary agenda.

Anyway, I suspect that many of the large stake holders would have studied the markets close enough to also know this, and so they will be looking to sell high and buy back low. If they intend to sell at the end of summer, when it personally looks to me that things will be heading pretty high, then it would have made sense to start powering down by now.

Steemit has become pretty impossible to earn on unless you pay for your votes, which is quickly ruining this place, but I don't think it matters that much at all. IT will still get pumped like every other coin, even if a better competitor comes along. But for now, I didn't know there was one. I have used akasha but it is so slow because it is on Ethereum that I lack the patience- though I will confess that Steemit is also starting to get a bit slow.

Anyway, you shouldn't misunderstand me. I am not defending anyone's actions, only speculating on them and empathizing with the conceptualized motive. This is just my understanding of why whales are currently powering down, whether it be right or wrong it's good enough for me because I don't think their selling off will have much of an effect on the market anyway.

popular misconception based on the understanding of what bots are,how trading works and the Fallacy of the single cause

The fallacy of the single cause, also known as complex cause, causal oversimplification, causal reductionism, and reduction fallacy,is a fallacy of questionable cause that occurs when it is assumed that there is a single, simple cause of an outcome when in reality it may have been caused by a number of only jointly sufficient causes.

bots are algorithms and most traders use bots

there are 100's of thousands of traders all doing different things the fact a lot of them converge to form the market prices only displays the inexperience of the majority and that most are following the same indicators/strategies .

on steemit being impossible to earn, reward fund was over 1 million steem in December now is more than 30% lower with more accounts farming and very few investors how can you make more with less total pay and more competition.

Value of vote in terms of steem generated is dictated by total amount staked as in vests per vote not $.

What makes you think price recovery would happen by the end of the summer?

also maybe you should look at @alpha account always been selling steem and yes it effects the price as there are no new investors steemit incs sell off only suppress price

looks to me price will go to $3500 at least before rebound.

You clearly live with a scarcity mentality.

"there are 100's of competitors to steem with far better models." Hahahaha. Please name 1.

You clearly live with a scarcity mentality.

You clearly are an idiot

here is one to start obsoletes dlive

Haha you are funny. You send a link to something that hasn't even been launched yet.

here is one obsoletes steem blogging

0.037 value of the Mind Token? Hahahaha. Can you cash it out?

here is one obsoletes steem commerce

i say this but really it does everything and integrates with mainstream sites but is only launching beta so will leave it at the main part

"Join the closed Beta" Hahaha. You gotta try harder than that. You speak about competitors and then send links to stuff that's not even out yet hahahaha.