I have a secret

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Initial Community Offering

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shameless plug

have an email? duh. yeah.

please vote for steem - currently third:


I find that to be incredibly offensive. I am all natural. there are no hair plugs in this glorious mane.

a legend is born today



If you just follow these few simple tips you may be 1/10th as perfect as me some day.

#1 Don't over-wash your hair. ...
#2 Dry your hair gently; don't rub it. ...
#3 Get rid of that comb-over! ...
#4 Use an egg conditioner. ...
#5 Protect your hair from chlorine. ...
#6 Use less products on your hair. ...
#7 Use a clarifying shampoo. ...
#8 Wash, don't repeat.


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Thanks @roelandp!

Hey @roelandp, question: does just the number one on gonetcoins qualify?

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Yep, it's only the top voted coin that will get a free listing.

Ok, thanks for the info

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

You mean currently second, now ;-).

possibly 1st soon ? 💪

Let's keep the momentum going...

Nice! Haha, a bit of fun and intrigue..

We need some intrigue to tide us through the bear market and waiting for SMTs.

lol we need something like this.

please vote for steem http://contest.gonetcoins.com


IScreenshot_20181018-055211__01.jpg voted.

I voted and I created a post to promote voting.

download (2).jpg

Don't worry - it's save with me ;)

Your presence on the steemit platform is a blessing.

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What you are going to distribute in this ICO model? I wish it might be SMT or something like that isn't it?


It's safe with me


Why do I feel like this is a riddle that can be figured out by connecting the dots?



SIr, @ned I am very happy to see your writing, but I am very surprised to see this because there are lots of curiosity about what's coming in. I can always have a lot of important things for you to cover your article. I think it's probably a good thing about STEEMIT. I hope you will know about it very soon

I love you Indian guys, never change.

I'm not Indian, bro. !popcorn

He is going to airdrop all his steem on us...steemians...right???

We are fucked either way, Initial Community Offering = Reverse Split...

Care to elaborate? I am interested.

Victoria's secret?

Lol better I guess

We all have a Victoria Secret.....

No, it's Ned's secret o.o But maybe Victoria knows it too.

I can keep one.

Don't tease @ned. Just make the announcement already.

It's no longer a secret when you reveal it like that :^)

Shhh, don't let them know, remember its a secret 😉




As long as you don't pull a dan and leave steemit behind, I'm with you all the way.

Is this a hint that the communities and SMTs are ready and you tested it by making one 😁


DEFINITION of 'Initial Community Offering'

An initial community offering refers to a new initiative under which a financial security, like a municipal bond, is divided into smaller chunks, like micro-bonds, and then sold as tokens or cryptocoins whose transactions are recorded on a blockchain.


Intriguing definition, but I'm not sure it's pointed me in any specific direction as to what you're hinting at. :)

Please don't tell us you dye your hair!

¿Cual es el secreto?

It's excellent. Greetings from Venezuela. Your faithful follower and admirer @yordin

Come whisper into my ears, the walls have ears. Lol...

One thing am very good at is to keep secret

Я тоже хочу узнать секрет!!

What is the secret @Ned? * - * I look forward to your offer. Hugs and successes from Venezuela

Ned like really? Whats the secret

Is this all about the SMT or what?

no matter what the great steemians are always red to take steemit to the moon.

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amazing ! :)

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Best of luck ned! Make it happen 😉

Spill it brotha.. What am I missing here!
Btw I just posted your vote for Steem post to my 5k followers on instagram.com/elevexx

Happy afternoon Ned a pleasure to greet you from El Tigre, one of the most beautiful cities in Venezuela. With beautiful sunsets.

i need some !popcorn for this great revelation

We really want to know what it is ned.

Initial Community Offering???
Let us wait and see!


I feel some FOMO setting in...

What's the secret?

Don't tell me, I'll just blog it out in public. :P

Should we be worried? Nothing good comes from secrets :P

Everyone has a secret. What is special about your secret dear @ned? I think no one should have any interest in your personal matters but if it is about the Steemit, then it becomes a matter of great interest for us.
One thing is already known to us that you are going to make a new interface for Steemit. It'd be a great thing. But, what is 'initial community offering'? Are you going to delegate me 10000 SP? 😎😉😉

Nothing like a shill post to try to get people interested again... Try making a useful post about what you guys are doing rather than just trying to build hype.



Highly interested... :)

I want to know you scret... ;)

Whisper your secret in my ear......

Sounds like something that could be let loose during Steemfest? Communities are coming soon??? We wait with our breath held for the good word. hahaha

I think @ned is hiding a wonderful idea.
I am looking forward:D

I can't wait. :D

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Liking the sound of this, looking forward to the secret 😁

Drop us a few hints...you know, like one of those escape rooms but in reverse. We want to get in, not out lol

Por favor dinos el secreto

Awesome Idea : ) If it is actually an Idea or just three words ?

Pert plus for your hair? I knew it

What's the secret?


I'm interested in knowing...

Hi. Ned!

So are the new FUN GUY or what? Tell me. c:

x2 the SP of Steemians who have been active for the last 12 months (at least 1 post per week) ? With a max of 1,000 SP.
ok, why not.

Please help me @ned I have been flagged by @themarkymark


Can't wait!

Hmm, let me guess...

It has to do with SMTs.

It has to do with the way a Smart Media Token can be set up, to include initial offerings, if the owner wishes to.

The community thing is a hint to... communities.

Am I close? :)

Initial Coiffure Offering

much sneak so stealth

Just give me my coins!! 😂😂😂

do tell gw.jpg

Still guessing but I trust in you
........ Make it happen

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Hi @ned! Help me with blacklist..I'm on @buildawhale @badcontent ..
I'm writing my own posts and posting my own artworks... I'm still receiving a message saying: this user is on the buildawhale blacklist..

Contact @buildwhale?

He don't answer

In his discord channel nobody reply me on my message

I have secrets too, but your's is definitely much more interesting one :) Whatever it is, it will be great for sure!

The secret is you love Moonbot don't you ? :)

Good to see someone really contributing into community and refused the payout salute sir @ned

They will be safe with me. I promise

yees we already reached second place! Third time i am voting!

We are so damn close to get the first one! I am competitive we need to win!


Hope that we can be members of the community.

My guess is "communities" is going to be lunched.

do tell do tell

Bring it on oo.. I'm here and ready

Please tell me the secret in more detail.

Tell us more please :)

I can save them secret with me lol and it's good as locked away

@Ned you are so dramatic. See how you now keep your diehard steemians on suspense.
Hope to see the new development for community growth

Hey @ned , are you aware of criminal activity conducted by user @themarkymark ?
I suggest you take a good look , we are getting law enforcement involved ...

Apparently, flagging spam is criminal activity. Can't wait to hear the charges and looking forward to suing for libel.


You are a bachelor, that is why 😝

A medium post should be written about this.

Also, is someone being


Congratulations @ned!
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