that sounds like a plan.
oh wait...

what do you consider cheap?
right now steem is $1.32...and people are crying.
do you want it to go back to it's hysterical low of $0.08?
would that make you happy?

0.08 would be awesome to buy in from

The price is relative to bitcoins performance so until the bottom is in proper is unclear what is know is bearmarket still in place and key levels being broken easily next up is psychological price level @ $5900 that breaks and stays below could be a cold winter then again could rise again as in the past and make back everything in 10 days, who knows...

yes $0.08c would be very happy

i could get 2 whale accounts one to upvote and one to flag :D

maybe $0.02c might be better can get 6 whale accounts then, have 5 to flag and one to vote :P