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RE: Gary Vee talks Ethereum...

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I love Gary but I could tell he does not understand the cryptosphere. The one big thing is that the only way we are stopped is if the internet is taken down world wide. The problem for governments is that the cat is out of the bag.


Good point here. I think GV knows it will work but like anything, where our attention and energy goes, grows, and he only has so much attention and energy. The movement is growing. The people - aka, global crypto community - have spoken and will continue to speak. Governments will gotta yield over time. Then we simply have more ways and means to trade. Just a means of exchange, that is all, agreed on by a large group of folks. Gary would certainly dive in but has 50 million irons in the fire already ;) I am heavily into blogging and eBook promoting but am setting aside time and energy daily to make friends on Steemit and to learn more about this wonderful place, and about these currencies.

If gary vee into crypto and peaks his interest, then crypto hitting the world out wide. The fact that he is talking about it into a discussion gonna get many more others into crypto. ;)

I also think so.

What about Grant? Other than his name, what has he added here? He's gotta get real and smarten up.

nothing thats what Grant does. he doesnt add any value. just uses his name to exploit people for revenue