Sustainable Brunch in The Garden of Eden

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It is another amazing day in the Garden of Eden, and we are giving thanks for more than enough of everything in this abundant life of freedom!  

We made a delicious feast for our volunteers today, cooking over fire on our rocket stoves in our sustainable outdoor kitchen! As usual, there was more than enough food for everyone, and we are happy to share our abundance with you.

Today we made a brunchtastic brunch feast!!!

We made one of our favorite salads with fresh tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, olive oil, and lots of garlic and herbs.

We made keto friendly waffles that are simply beaten eggs, shredded cheese, and more garlic and herbs cooked in a waffle iron to a golden brown.

We had a variety of creamy toppings for the waffles including fresh guacamole, herbed sour cream, and lemony hummus.

We had a sweet and savory pineapple salsa with jalapeños for topping too!

We sautéed onions with peppers for super color and flavor.

We had a big plate of crispy bacon.

We also made smoky and savory vegetarian chili!

It was a delicious brunch shared in great company!

Food is important, and we hope to inspire people to really take time to eat, enjoy it, and share it with someone you love. We also hope to inspire more and more sustainable practices in regards to food! 

Food is an honored & elemental part of our daily life in community. You can learn more about our unique, intimate, and super sustainable relationship with food here!

All photos are original and unique to today's epic sustainable feast and highlight just a taste of the thousands upon thousands of free meals we share every single year. 

We are happy & grateful to share our abundance - there's more than enough of everything! If you or anyone you know wants or needs food, contact us - we will give you free food, no questions asked. We make this offer every single day, because we are here to help one and all.

Because we stand in support of the greatest good & especially the revolutionary potential of this platform, we've never cashed out any $teem or even powered down - which is good for everyone! This means that when you upvote our posts, you are increasing the value of your own $teem wealth as well! 


A better world IS possible~*~

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So delicious!
Almost unbelievable

An amazing opportunity to share epic times together.