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Recently, @jamesmovic asked me, "Why do you prefer spring to summer?" Besides not being as oppressively hot as summer, spring offers such a wide array of flowers to enjoy, such as the azaleas that bloom this time each year!

I really like this shot of one azalea flower taken last week, with the flower backlit by the light of the setting sun:


At the moment, the yard is ablaze with six different colors of these beautiful flowers! 😸

There are white, pale pink, medium pink, dark pink, fuchsia, and red. Another variety that is not on this property but common in the nearby mountains is the orange variety which is commonly referred to as "Flame Azalea" (Rhododendron calendulaceum).


All of the azaleas on the property were planted by my parents, who dearly loved flowers. My mother planted flowers during her younger years. When her many health issues (including Fibromyalgia and Lupus) prevented her from gardening, my father did it for her until he lost his eyesight to PXE and was unable to continue.

I spent many an hour on my knees, pulling weeds as a child, and watering the flowers was one of my regular chores while growing up.


Azaleas have been cultivated for hundreds of years, and enthusiasts have developed over 10,000 cultivars! [1] I do not know the names of the species/cultivars on this property, save for one: the George Taber azalea, pictured in the photograph above. I only know the name of that one because it was identified in Wikipedia. 😹


Since pink is one of my all-time favorite colors, the profusion of different shades of pink this time of year is purely delightful! Encountering an azalea bush fully-laden with flowers is breathtakingly beautiful.


Many communities all around the world have azalea festivals each year, and the small town closest to me is no exception. I've never attended it, though, at first because of the rigors of 24/7/365 caregiving for my elderly parents, and not recently because of anxiety issues in crowds which I suffer since my husband passed.


And finally, a self-portrait with azaleas...


ThanksForReading--Pink.png 😊

   1 Wikipedia: Azalea
   2 Wikipedia: North American azaleas
   3 Wikipedia: Rhododendron calendulaceum

I am tagging @dswigle because I want to be sure she sees these beauties!





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These are beautiful flowers, I love the pale pinks contrasted against the whites and creams.

So was George Taber the first one to discover that Azalea or was he named after it because he looks like it?

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Oh my goodness these are simply beautiful @thekittygirl. 6 different colors, wow. When my mom passed away and we sold her place I transplanted some of her bulbs into my garden, it was so fun to see them come up. Then when downsized and moved south my daughter transplanted many varieties to her homestead. Some of mine, some of grandmothers :) Lots of sweet memories which will live on!

Sure is a pretty flower...

Azaleas are another really magnificent showy flower,
beautiful photos @thekittygirl.

I love Azaleas too!!
They are due to flower here in Brisbane very soon 😍

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@thekittygirl great looking rhododendron flowers..I have a reddish pink plant and a white varient of the Rhododendron. I love seeing them in the woods as well.

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Azaleas are such amazing flowers and I have to say your pictures just caught me, and these are definitely my favorite shots. The colours are incredible and it seem like such a beautiful spot to take a walk 😊

Pink is a favorite of mine to and these pictures made me smile and wowed 😍 thank you for sharing, always learn much about flowers and things from you my friend 🤗❤️💕🌹 much love!

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These are simply delightful! I love their abundant blooms and colors! Don't you just love the spring and all her colors?


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I am the pink girl so these made my day dear 😉