Cultivation of apples.

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In Ukraine, the growing of apples has a huge, untapped potential for business.

Applewood is the most popular and widespread grain cereal crop in temperate countries. Yablunu was highly valued by our ancestors, after millennia we came up with myths and legends about the tree and its fruits. The demand for apples is divided into both fresh and processed consumption (juices, mashed potatoes and dried fruits, etc.). Unfortunately, despite the high fertility, Ukarina imports a large part of this fruit in Poland. Such product as apple is in a special position. Nowhere in Europe can be achieved such profitability in the production of apples, as in Ukraine. The cost of a grown apple is the lowest, and the sale price is one of the highest in Europe. The production of apples has the potential of additional profits, but the use of new varieties offers even more opportunities!

More and more enterprises, along with growing crops, are additionally actively engaged in growing apples, but not in such volumes as would be desirable.

Important in this issue is the choice of varieties. The usual varieties of apples that need to spray a lot, become unpopular, their place is resistant to diseases of the varieties of apples, which actively plantations are planted, as the consumer prefers a healthy product with less amount of residual substances. The advantage of these varieties is that using a smaller amount of protection means you can get a more cost-effective and healthier (even organic) product. 

Among the "leaders" with a production volume of more than 0.5 million tons, the varieties Gal, Red Delishes and Jonagold. Along with Golden Delish, they account for almost half of the gross apples production in the European Union.

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Nice informative post. Apple season is approaching in my neck of the woods, Upper Midwestern U.S. Favorite time of year. Loved the photos. Thanks for sharing!


Lovely photos & really good information.


This is great. Here in Canada we are approaching the perfect time to harvest our apples. They grow along farm roads and fields, people are encouraged to come and pick for free. There are many varieties. I make my apple pies and freeze them then when it is a bitter cold night I make a hot soup and take one of my pies out of the freezer and bake it. Apples are such a healthy great fruit. Thank you for sharing how it is harvested in your country. Upvoted and now following.


Thank you. We like to dry the chopped apples with pears, and cook in the winter stewed fruit


Really and how do you dry your apples and pears? Traditional stove, Solar oven or a dehydrator. Do you serve it with some kind of sauce. I find it fascinating to read about other cultures approach to eating. Thank you

Дуже обережно посаджені дерева і все продумано для збору!