Transplanting Lettuce

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This variety of lettuce is called Little Leprechuan, a Romaine type lettuce. This tray is ready for transplanting! I have hardened off the lettuce for several days and gave them some water so that their roots will stay moist while they are being handled.


Luckily there was a break in the rains and I had a chance to weed and prep this bed prior to planting.


Transplanting is usually pretty easy and a lot of veggies are quite forgiving of transplanting, especially in this cool weather. You can use a fork to dig under plants and carefully pull them out of your tray or pot. Or you could gently use your fingers to grab or dig out the plants.


Its incredible how long some of the roots are already!


After gently separating the plants by teasing their roots apart it is time to plant them. I like to use a hori hori or a slim trowel to make a small opening in the soil and then press down the soil around the plant to give good soil contact with the roots.


Grow baby, grow!


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It's interesting to see how you an advanced gardener (or professional?) do transplanting :) I use cell trays but may be easier in the way you do. And I feel a bit guilty to use plastic cell trays ...

I wish healthy growth of your lettuce :)


Thank you @akipponn! It is nice to use the wood trays.. more effort to make them but they last a long time. I still use plastic too but its nice to use less... especially with the ones that break easily.

Every once in a while I will plan lettuce, however, I am allergic to them and so usually opt for Kale and spinach instead.

It does look though, that you will have a bumper crop!


Omg, i never knew one could be allergic to lettuce. I wonder if it has to do with the milky sap in the leaves. I have spinach coming up and kale from last year is giving us some good meals now that they are starting to leaf out :)


Yes, it is not a common allergy but it is possible. It has to do with Lipid Transfer Protein Syndrome. I have not been diagnosed officially (long story of a previous visit to an allergist over twenty years ago who declared to me "you cannot be allergic to lettuce it is only water" left me feeling stupid!). Sometimes we have to diagnose ourselves.... now that I don't eat it, the symptoms I once had have disappeared, our bodies tells us when something is amiss!

I envy your spinach and kale meals!