Raspberries and Hardy Kiwis are coming along!

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It seems like things are a little behind schedule but My Raspberries and Hardy Kiwis look good this year.

These are Bristol Black raspberries and this is more than I had by a lot in past years. (not all are pictured)

These are another kind of raspberries, (I forgot what kind) and they are doing ok too.

And my Hardy Kiwi vines are doing great, they have produced more kiwis, every year and this year there are more than the last year.

My blueberries are still not doing that well but I got a tip to try to dig them up and bury them more shallow. They also don't get a lot of direct sun.
I haven't turned my sprinkler system on yet but I will probably do it in the next couple days.
Now you need to have your backflow device tested and tagged before you can run a sprinkler system in my State, Luckily for me, I am one of the relatively few people certified to test backflow devices so I don't have to pay to get it tested and tagged.
While it's very, very important to have a working backflow device on a sprinkler system, I feel It's a big cash grab by my State the way they have it set up. It makes me into the "bad guy" to my customers and really gets in the way of small businesses. The whole process is still working it'self out.
Anyway ...

Happy gardening. - @raddog


waiting for the blueberries :)

That's awesome! Blueberries are hard. I've had bushes for upward of 10 years now and I'm lucky to get one harvest annually, about enough for one salad. I wish you luck!

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