Winter garden

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Thank you @torico for reminding me that it's been a long time since my last garden update. It's winter and I've been doing other things and despite the garden mostly gone to sleep some plants are still thriving.

I usually use my iPhone 8 Plus to take photos of the garden but today I took the old Nikon D300 with a 105mm Macro lens and played a little bit.

Winter Garden-4661.jpg

The mulberry plants are giving fruits in the middle of winter, that's just amazing. I went and topped up their grow bag with worm compost to help them a bit.

Winter Garden-4664.jpg

Winter Garden-4672.jpg

The Blueberry Burst also started giving fruits but I don't think they will grow as big as they should as they have been neglected this year. I will have to start caring for them properly.

Winter Garden-4675.jpg

Winter Garden-4678.jpg

Blueberry flowers are very cute, looking like little white bells.

Below is one of the last Chokos that I left to grow until they fall by themselves to see how big they can be and they went bigger than my open hand. One of them has germinated so I put it in the garden bed.

Winter Garden-4682.jpg

Most of the Chokos vine died off but there are new shoots, I thought the cold will kill the plant completely but I was wrong!

Winter Garden-4686.jpg

Some volunteer mustard greens have grown in the Chokos bed and is also thriving in this cold weather. I can see more growing by its side. Yummy.

Winter Garden-4687.jpg

Winter Garden-4690.jpg

@riverflows' garlic are going very well in their up-cycled plastic tub. I'm looking forward for their harvest.

I took a piece of Dwarf Jade plant (portulacaria afra) and forgot about it but it didn't care and is growing slowly in the sunny spot in my garden.

Winter Garden-4692.jpg

This poor curry tree I saved from someone who didn't like its smell in their garden has died and tried to recover many times during the summer but it looks like the cool weather is helping it recover. I also topped up its pot with more worm compost to help boost its development.

Winter Garden-4701.jpg

Even when dying off, the Black Prince Chili still looks nice and is adding colours to the sad winter garden.

Winter Garden-4703.jpg

Winter Garden-4704.jpg

Winter Garden-4708.jpg

The Aloe Vera are the top strongest plants in my backyard, they are thriving any time of the year, they do not care and are progressively taking over the garden bed I planted them in. We are regularly harvesting for making yummy deserts.

Winter Garden-4721.jpg

Winter Garden-4718.jpg

Winter is when my driveway is the most colourful thanks to the Camelia tree blooming. It is covered with those beautiful delicate pink flowers that then fall to the ground covering it in a cute colour.

Winter Garden-4716.jpg

Gargantua, my worm CFT collapsed after almost 3 years of service. The wood has rotten and the compost went to the ground. I have harvested as much as I could and fed the plants, I now have to dispose of the wood and build something new.

Winter Garden-4739.jpg

Fall leaves were collected using the lawn mower and emptied in this old compost pile made of wooden pallets.

Winter Garden-4736.jpg

A couple of months ago, I emptied the BSFL bin into a large grow bag (frass, undigested food, pupae carcasses...) after mixing it with a lot of cardboard. I initially wanted to let if off gas the ammonia and use the frass to feed the worms but I decided to leave it out there in the garden and see what would happen next. The autumn and winter rains kept everything moist and look at what I have found today. Local redworms have colonised the bag and are feeding from the frass. This will surely become good compost in Spring.

Winter Garden-4725.jpg

Winter Garden-4728.jpg

The garden is still a mess and I need to tidy it up a little bit so that I have a nice garden to work with this coming Spring. Hopefully, my family will have some more yummy food to eat next season.

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Love to see such growth in a "winter" garden! It's obvious you take good care of your garden plants and they are thriving with that care!
The wild blueberries around my place have just started ripening now and I'm planning on going out berry picking today. I have raspberries that need picking, there is still some Saskatoon berries for they were late this year and now the blueberries! And I got fresh whole cream from a local dairy to go on them! Yumm!
It's great to see your Aloe Vera doing so well! I've been struggling to keep mine going. I grow them in pots and they got a touch of frost in early spring, then they got sun burnt (adjusting from being indoors all winter to going out in the sun), then they got waterlogged with all the rain we've been having and they started to rot! I was given a couple of new ones that had been grown indoors so I'll have something to start over with. What kind of desserts do you make with them? I've been putting it in my morning toner drink with lemon, stevia, apple cider vinegar and a ginger turmeric tea.
Thanks for sharing your garden with us!

All those berries sound so yummy.
My Aloe Vera are planted in a bottomless garden bed on top of pavers (part of our paved backyard). So water drains well. There is almost no frost where we are.

As for the desserts:

And check recipe #3 here

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What a pleasure it is to see a gardening post with well taken photos. I enjoyed this a lot. How are your irises going that I sent you?

The irises are growing in a little pot, they have leaves now, about 20-25cm tall.

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yay!!! these are lovely, and things i havent heard of. the black prince chili looks like something i might try, just for the color!

The black price chili looks great. The leaves are dark purple and so are the chili when still young. It stands out.

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Looking good.

We've got some Aloe Vera. What sort of desserts can you make from it?

In Vietnam we have various desserts made of beans. One of them is made with Mung Beans and aloe Vera. You boil the beans, add sugar and Aloe Vera gel and and optionally some kind of sliced seaweed.

And check recipe #3 here

You winter garden is LOVELY. I do miss camelias a bit, although I have seen them in extravagant flower on the mountains here in Thailand and in the Vietnamese highlands.

CURRY TREE is on my radar! @eco-alex complained when he was here that I don't have fresh curry leaves, so I am off to try and locate one.

Stunning pics and such a nice perspective of Mother Gaia in all Her seasons.

Thank you. If you can use it then definitely try to plant it. Good luck in your quest.

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Great to see your photos and how much effort you put into your garden. Worms are a real treasure for any gardener, so I'm glad you have them. I don't have a garden since my lifestyle is one of movement to different locations all the time, but I love to eat good produce so I am indebted to the gardeners for producing the edibles.

Hey, thanks :-)
Worms are the most valuable creature on Earth. You could have your own mobile garden in the form of a small pot to plant some herbs in, it can even host a small family of worms :-D

Great to see beautiful pictures and I hope your garden is growing also. I once had a graden also then

Thank you. L

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