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I'm feeling really good about My Garden Shire Project. The idea to transform the rest of my backyard into a garden came to me as I was lying in my hyperbaric oxygen chamber looking up at the big aspen tree next to my garage. That was back in January, and I had just finished radiation and chemotherapy treatments for throat cancer. I thought it would be good mental and emotional therapy to do something concrete to manifest my hope that the tongue tying tumor was terminated.

Construction started in late February and I've been getting after it ever since with the help of my best friend Jim -- the carpenter. I'm pretty beat but the wear and tear is almost done and planting has begun.

Gardening is very forgiving: seeds didn't germinate? try again! And it's really taken my mind off the cancer thing. The results from my May 2 PET/CT scan are "wonderful", per my radiation oncologist. So maybe I get a chance to live a little longer and hopefully, like my garden, produce some good fruit.


Strawberries and Rhubarb!


Asparagus and Potatoes.



A couple different perspectives.



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It's looking great! If everyone did this with their back garden, the world would be a much much much much better place. Glad your recent results were good.


Thanks Chris!

Wow get better bro. Hey do you have access to hemp oil? and a little hash oil if so 1 tsp of each in 10 oz of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt. gargle with it twice a day. If possible use only Skunk Whole Plant oil. Grow cone flowers and after 2 weeks gargling ad cone flower to hemp salad depending on the cancer in a month you should be doing way better SHALOM ALEICHEM Bro keep up the fight!


Thanks for that recipe! I'm surprised that hash oil would dissolve in this mixture -- but I will give it a try.

Having a home garden is an intresting achievment, you tend to appreciate naturein its fullest, you are doing great


Thanks for checking out my garden project. I'm a big fan of nature check out my work at The Buckthorn Man and The Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail


I could not live so cramp and close to other people like that even having 10 acres lots where I am ends up being to close to neighbors but WOW what a great use of space that you have done. Really really great. Hope you get a great harvest. All you need now is find a small shaded spot to build you a CFT worm bin. Great article just went up today by @quochuy


I know what you mean about being close to other people. My neighbor to the north has all the windows painted shut -- unbelievable. Their air conditioner runs pretty much non-stop all summer and sounds like a 747 jet taking off. And his dogs bark at me when I'm working on the garden.

My wife and I looked at dozens of places in the country nearby but she could never make up her mind. I would have made the move to many of the places we looked at, but she wanted mountains and is now living in Ashland Oregon. I'm still here and very comfortable, despite the cramped conditions, barking dog and noisy AC.

I love the oak forests and the prairies of the the nearby Kettle Moraine State Forest and I spent over 17 years volunteering to remove invasive species like Buckthorn. Check out my work at The Buckthorn Man and The Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail

Wow nice garden layout. I wish my backyard garden space was better designed.


Thanks Huy. I up-voted your Excellent article on Continious Flow Through worm bins! You can see my two black compost bins in the pics above. They work great and I have been using them for a long time. When one bin gets 2/3 full, I switch and add new stuff to the other. I usually let a bin "cook" for a year before harvesting. When I think of it, though your system is probably better i.e., faster processing and less work. I have to mix the contents in my bins and they do require some TLC to get a good result.


Hey Paul, thanks for the upvote. I liked your recent garden updates so I followed you to see what else you will be coming up with.

Nothing wrong at all with your two compost bins, I'm using a similar one too as I have multiple types of bins. I also have one made of pallets for composting horse manure. Have you tried to put one of those two compost bins straight on the ground? Being open to the ground means the native worms can come in and out as they wish and spread the vermicompost along the way. That would work as a large scale of the Big Rotter.


Before I redid my backyard garden space, the bins were sitting right on the ground and, over the years, the edges had actually sunk into the ground 1-2". Now just the perimeter, or edges, of the bins are up on stone pavers but their interior space is still exposed directly to the ground underneath, so worms can move in an out as you suggest. The advantage to getting them up a couple inches is to allow the sun to hit the entire surface of the walls of the bins and to increase air circulation.


Ohhhh right! That’s very good indeed. I didn’t realise the bottom was still open. Very cool

I am so amazed at what you are doing, nice work. really wish I had time for this. I was thinking of getting an allotment with the kids.
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