Update My Garden Shire Project

in gardening •  11 months ago

Hi. Here is an update to My Garden Shire backyard garden project. The plan is online at http://gardenplanner.jungseed.com/garden-plan.aspx?p=883028.

I hope you do not take offense at my including the word "Shire" in my description. The term, especially as visualized and manifested in the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" really does capture my imagination. Although, I must confess, I am nowhere near as smart, courageous, brave, wise, thoughtful or humble as a Hobbit.

Thanks to lots of help from my friends Jim Brown and Lindsay Knudsvig we have:

Relocated canoe to Jim's house
Taken out 35' birch tree thanks to Lindsay's arborist and tree climbing skills.
Built 4 of 6 raised beds. Jim has been leading the construction efforts and he is responsible for the excellent results so far.

I'm hoping to have the remaining two raised beds built in the next two weeks, just in time for planting. Then I will work on the paths around them.

I published a more complete status update on 4/10/18 https://steemit.com/gardening/@paulmozina/my-garden-shire

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