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Grow, grow, grow!

In this video, I share briefly about some of the benefits of starting seeds in seedlings trays instead of just direct sowing into the soil. I cover just a few benefits, and some of why I am starting more and more seeds in trays these days.

Plus, seedling trays can also be used for plany propagation too!


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Video is a little mess up for me. Any one else?


My video editor sometimes trashes things right before I upload. If I view it ahead of time, it looks fine, but afterwards, audio or music will be messed up. Redoing it now, thanks!


Overlapping audio.

Yes, in WIS seed trays are essential. Got my toothache plant seeds today papa-pepper. Haven't opened it yet.


Very cool! Glad to hear it!

did that vacuum machine help?
those type of trays are what it was intended to be used with.


I did this one by hand, but was talking to @mama-pepper about it during the process and explaining how it functions. I've got it in the shipping container, so I'll be going on a scavenger hunt for it soon enough! Thanks so much!


next we will have to get you into mechanical trans planters
need longer rows, and a traction unit.

The question is what crops to start when for different climates... There's a lot of info out there for starting winter crops early...but I haven't seen a bunch on starting crops early in seeding trays to increase the number of crops you can grow. Do you look at the dates of when you're supposed to grow them and just try starting them in seeding trays early?


I have a calculator for that. I'll see if I can dig it up to show you how it works.


Here is something I have used over the last couple of years to know when to start seeds inside or outside depending on the average last spring frost!

I'm going to try starting more plants indoors this year. I need to get my station setup, oh and I also will be using some sort of grow light for the first time too!