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I think that it was New Orleans, in 2004 when I first realized it.

Plants are created with an incredible will to survive. From cacti to bamboo to so many others. They just want to live. Sometimes, just a broken-off piece of a plant is enough to start a whole new plant. To make matters even more interesting, there are people who pay money to purchase plants.

In this video, I share a recent experience and some of my thoughts about it.


Basically, if you can cut branches into pieces and drop them into a bucket of water, then you can propagate plants. Well, at least certain kinds of plants. The Walking Stick Weeping Willow that I have in the video was a cutting that someone gave to me about a month ago!

I dropped it into a bucket of water, left to Texas and Mexico for nine days and it has been a few weeks since then. Now, about a month later, the plant is still doing great and growing roots, so I chopped it into a few more pieces to make even more new trees.

The incredible part is that propagated trees like this can sell for anywhere between $10 - $80 USD! With a little effort, time, and space, anyone can start up a business on the side. Check out the video for more, or any of the links below for other propagation ideas and techniques.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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Wow, I'd be interested in learning to do that for other trees, could be a lot of fun with certain fruit trees.

I know my step dad has the most amazing old pear tree. This thing is about 40 ft tall and over 100 years old. It has just loads of pears that fall in the winter and are ripe in winter when there is snow, so you never worry about bugs since he is in Michigan with it.

If I could get a graft of that to grow, would be pretty awesome.

You should get a graft of that to grow. I grafted some on my old plum tree onto some wild plums here.

This is a short video I made of what works for me.

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Not long ago I thought of being a gardener: P something strange since I'm a computer engineer, but the truth is that I work more relaxing and that's why I thought about gardening ... although I'd like to start by planting some things as a hobby but also taking out Something of benefit. Your video HOBBY, BUSINESS, OR BOTH? Is exactly what I thought, but I have no idea of what kind of plant I could start with ... what do you recommend me? ... by the way, I live in an apartment which limits a little the choice I guess

Our property was pretty dismal when we arrived six years ago. Since then we have propagated almost 80% of our trees (mostly fruit). Last week we sold 200 papaya trees. All the seeds we plant are from our own heirloom plants. And to think when I met my hubby he was a real brown thumb. Didn't know a petunia from a milk thistle! l0l

I thought @papa-pepper deal just with animals ☺ it's good to deal with plants also ☺

No "peppers" are plants. LOL!

All Hail papa-pepper 🙌 a Steemit Legend 😎
Peace out @crypto-expo

Hey, Papa-Pepper! Do you have any videos on growing pepper plants? I didn't see one in your list.

This is the first year I have grown veggies and I'd love to see what tips you gave on growing them. Besides, pepper is in your name!

This has been requested before, thank you for the reminder.

I just learned recently that you can cut the top off a pineapple and plant it to grow a pineapple tree! Pretty cool!

Nice post sir. Very Informative.

Thanks @armansandhu!

Sharing to show how you can make money! I love willows for their ability to root and provide a rooting hormone for other plants and I keep a rain barrel set up with branches in it just for that reason, sure cuts down on plant death when transplanting. Glad to see you rocking another area of your homesteading!

The rain barrel with branches in is an amazing idea! Great thinking!

Wow...what a helpful post, it teaches you something about plants and also on how to earn easy money...
Anyway how would I sell it...Who are the people that uses this plant, can it fruit?Can you eat it just it is?

Typically, Willow trees are used as an ornamental fast-growing shade tree. Bare root plants ship easy.

What other plants or trees have you tried to do this with?

A lot! For this particular method, tomatoes, chinese noodle beans, mulberry trees, figs, mint, purslane, etc all work well.

Occasionally I've had some plants with bad attitudes that are happy rooting in the water but after planting in the soil they get all shocky and die. Finally I grew a brain and gradually add dirt to the plant's water before I made the leap into sticking it in the dirt. Made the transition like magic! Man I hate being foiled by a plant that I waited so long for or that I only have one cutting of!

All life wants to live! My roses, about the cultivation of which I conduct my blog, also strive for life, I grow them in this way. I advise you to add a rooter - the process will be faster. @papa-pepper

A little work can go a long way , I am amazed to see that in just 10 days , there was that much growth already and you really did not have to do anything but come back to it . And you're absolutely right , make use of resources !! I liked the idea of cutting it up more to expand it , more resources = more trees :D
I've always wanted to do these kinda planting adventures but Feel like it wouldn't go too far. I have actually planet a money tree , have had it for over 8 years and man , the growth has been amazing to watch

great video @papa-pepper amazing tips and tricks,hope you have a wonderfull weekend

This is so cool! I had no idea you could do this from cut branches, I had heard you could do it if you took an actual part of the root from the original plant but this just shows how even more rediculous it is that we aren't adequately repopulating the trees and plants we use (collectively speaking) thanks for sharing the info!

By the time I am done, about 90% of the original trees on my property will be gone... but I have replacements, so I am basically just swapping forests.

You're gonna be overloaded with Walking Stick Weeping Willow before too long!

The grafting concept is a cool one! Some of my friends had a citrus grafted tree with lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. I had never heard of it until that day!

I've been grafting some plums onto the wild ones here, getting pretty good at it.

That is a great idea! It definitely seems like there is an art to grafting!

Will you accept Steem as a payment for one of those? I may be in the market for a nice willow to help soak up grey water. Good advice to be aware of plant patents, I know poinsettias aren't something you can propagate and resell without paying royalties.

Yeah, those pesky patents.

Also, I can get you plants for sure, even for free if you want.

Great informative guide, Papa! I enjoyed reading this one.

The best your video mr.papa-peper, i like to wach it.

Willow has almost a rooting hormone effect. If you put a piece of willow in with any other plant you want to root, it will make it root faster.

I am so happy to learn how to grow some plants on my own with simplicity, thanks for sharing the idea @papa-pepper.

With the right plants it can be so easy!

Thanks for the video)) English is not my native language and on hearing it is hard for me to perceive it)) But your video was clear to me more))) I admire your posts)) Keep it up))

Good information on propagation. I use to collect tree seeds , store in winter and plant the next Spring. Now I have 50/60 foot trees bearing their own seed. The trees were sweet gum, yellowwood, birch etc. American Beech and Sugar maple I just transplanted saplings and now are mature trees.

Great post. I have done this with gardenias and azaleas but with a product bought from a store. I'll have to try it this way, looks and sounds a lot easier. Thanks for the tips. Time for me to get growing :)

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Hi papa-pepper thanks for the video I have started to follow you I am new to Steemit and I am new to gardening. I have a big garden which I am planning to start Lasagne gardening please follow me if you can and see my progress. I would love some tips and tricks thanks. Great post again.

Sounds good! Welcome to steemit!

This method works really good with tomatoes also, just let a sucker get about 3 or 4 inches long, cut it off the plant and place it in water, you will have a new plant in no time! Thanks for the post!

That's right!

I broke a piece of my flower stem off then stuck it straight back into the soil, I forgot about then a few days later saw new growth, now its in its own pot :)

Great post @papa-pepper !! very informative as always . have a good time.

Nice post Mr Pepper ) Yes plants seem to have more will to survive than we do eh ?

Very informatibe @papa-pepper , I used to do Avacado's the same way ! :)

@papa-pepper This is a great way to produce saplings. We regularly prepare saplings from branches of many trees including rose trees by cutting branches into pieces near nodes and sticking them in wet earth for a few days. Sugar cane also can be grown from a piece of sugar cane with this method. We have never tried it with just a bucket of water though. Will experiment. We always thought the branches May rot if we used only water. Your experience shows that it can be done. Thanks for sharing. I always like your blogs because they are all about nature. Upvoted.


Very cool stuff! Thank you.

Support me and enter here your collaboration is important @gr3g0r Follow Me!

Gotta little confused between the roots and the beard but i'm good to go now!


Hilarious. Thanks!

I was so happy to start my first little garden after creating an irrigation tub system out of plastic tote and using a tube down the corner. I planted corn and tomatoes and squash (six vegetables altogether). They grew up fast and famously altogether and then when I went away the caretaker said the deer came and ate the whole thing :(

I remember my grandma teaching me this, we did this with willow trees as well as other plants. She was always taking clippings from friends and neighbors. Here's an interesting fact. Pando (Trembling Giant) is a grove of aspen trees in Fishlake National Forest, but it isn't just a colony of several trees but a single organism with a root structure that is thought to be 80,000 years old. It is considered to be the heaviest and possibly oldest living thing.


Love the GIF - It looks great!

Of course. The artist did a great job with it.


Yes, some plants take just a simple slice and pluck of the lower leaves and that's it.

neat way to look at propagation print your trees :) thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge @papa-pepper :) Your posts are really helpful and it makes Steemit community better! Great job! Upvoted :)

I love propagation! I am known to cut pieces off of plants I love to root and give as gifts.

O NO weeping willows bring back painful memories when you grew up in the 60's just seeing them makes my bottom hurt.

I love any plant that can grow from a cutting like that. My favorite is pothos which is often sold as just "green plant" , its a house plant.

Wow, another talent of the master wild man...plants!!!! keep it up.
In addition to my comment, and in support of your fight against spam here, I posted about the issue and mentioned you there. Feel free to check it out..wish you a blessed weekend.

Great sharing...👌💐💐

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Thank you pappa-pepper I seem to grow things get so excited and then they die. Hope you are teaching your kids how to grow things, because I really let them die on me.

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