My Tiny Garden Paradise -- July Garden-Growing Update

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My Tiny Garden Paradise -- July.jpg
My Tiny Garden Paradise

I know tomorrow is July 1, but I’ll be busy tomorrow. So I’m putting in my report today on the last day of June.

This photo tells how everything is growing. It also tells how the grass is beginning to die in the heat. The bush in the foreground is Rose-of-Sharon, and when in full bloom it is gorgeous!

Oklahoma garden goals: potatoes by Memorial Day, tomatoes by the Fourth of July.

Potato Harvest -- 2nd digging.jpg

Reached the goal. I’ve had three diggings so far. This is the second batch. The last two rows will be dug next week.

Watermelon Sprouts Coming On.jpg

In their place I am planting watermelon from seeds saved from a home-grown sugar-baby watermelon given to me last summer. I’m anxious to see how well they do. I've had good luck with watermelon in previous years.
Tomatoes Before 4th of July.jpg

Very happy with this pre-July Fourth crop so far. I’ve had lots more than this—just took a photo of the ones on hand at the moment.

Tomatoes on the vine.jpg

The vines are full.

It’s been hot and dry so I’ve had to water almost every day. Had a couple of good rains, but not nearly enough. But it looks like I'll have an abundance of tomatoes this year.


I’ve picked lettuce almost every day for weeks. Lots of salads. But now they are beginning to bolt. The leaves are a little bitter. Their days are numbered. But I’m not complaining.


The peppers are tucked into the shade of the okra and are blooming. I see a couple of peppers forming. I’m looking for a good crop there.


And of course, the crazy okra. I barely water them at all. I noticed the other day that I still have okra in my freezer from last year. Such a prolific producer!

So there we go. My mid-summer garden report. So much food from my Tiny Garden Paradise!

How are other gardens, and gardeners, doing out there in Steemit Land? Chime in.


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This is so beautiful! Well done!

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