Growing CILANTRO All Summer LONG! - NO BOLTING EVER! ~ 📷 [MY Video inside]

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If you love cilantro in your garden, you probably also HATE that it won't last all summer long in the high heat. This is a common problem for gardeners but there is a fantastic solution to ensure you CAN HAVE CILANTRO all summer long. Guaranteed!

Wait, how can I guarantee you that your cilantro won't ever bolt again? YES! 100% certain! No doubt about it. Your cilantro will never bolt again!


You can find Papalo at our webstore and give it a try. And yes we take crypto-currency at our store.

Visit Us Online:


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I've never heard of papalo, I'm intrigued. I love cilantro. When you harvest papalo, do you just pick the leaves off the stalk or do you cut the stalk? Thanks for this!

Just the leaves. I've never tried the stalk.

Ah, ok. Great to know.

This is a very interesting meal. Looks very weird, but delicious.

How is it taste actually? :) @mericanhomestead

I ordered some papalo seeds from your website a little late this year, but it is coming up well - even in a northeastern climate. The Mrs, can't wait for the rest of the garden to get into gear so we can try out more of Jaimie's recipes!

Another "Zac will find food for his area", so awesome you doing the advance of finding what works for you! Shared!

My favorite is Basil. Love Tomatoes with Basil and oil oil. They taste so good.

AAHHHH! I knew there was something I forgot to add to the garden this year! I had planned to implement this into our garden since you mentioned it in a video a year ago or so. I guess I'm sitting here saying "next year" ....again.... I'm just going to have to go ahead and hit you up for some seed now and hold till then.

Can you grow it in a large container?

Yes, it will grow in a large container. Have fun!

What, are you serious! I am certainly trying this as I seem to have more coriander than cilantro all season long!
Great tutorial. :)

Yep, same!!!
I always toss a couple coriander(fresh, not dried) seeds into my smoothies, for herb nutrition!!!! 😆

Me too! Love it with some lime and pineapple thrown in!🌱

You are a 100% fan of it for sure, is not the first time you are talking about it and I'm glad it is growing great in your homestead.

I watched you speak of this herb on your other channel a while ago.. I haven't tried it yet but i'm going to get some.. We are currently getting our 12 acre Homestead going in Mississippi.. And you have been a great resource for us.. You are also the reason i'm on Steam It now.. Thanks for what you do to help educate others like me..

Haha...I'm confused now....thought I was already following u here, because I had subbed to you recently on YouTube(I am Healthy Family Variety Channel).
But no. Just followed you right now.
I was so upset when I was watching your video earlier(from YT notification)....YOU DIDN'T tell me how to grow Cilantro year round!!! Grrrrrr.
You need to read my Clickbait blog.....hahhhaha j/k
Anyway, hope u checkout my blog and YT channel!!
Best to you!!!

This is very cool, I live in Panama and the only spice they use here is Cilantro.
I'll see if I can get some seeds here, if not I have your site bookmarked.
Thanks for a great post.

I can't wait to try this.

Another species for me to look up!

Ah I grew cilantro this year for the first time and it is bolting here in upstate NY, thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the tip on Papalo.

Yeah, cilantro will bolt no matter what....nothing you can do about that...EXCEPT buy and plant papalo!

Man we wanted to try this so bad this summer! We ordered it and planted it but it did not survive. Don't have a clue what we did wrong. Any tips on germination and time of year to plant along with conditions? Looks like we will have to order again next year.