DIY Greenhouse 🌱

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"Can't taste pretty... :)"


Me and Mrs. Snail have been using this type of greenhouse for 3 years now with relatively good success and this year I had to relocate it. So, I captured the process. 💡Things you will need:

  • 2 metal posts
  • 5 metal arcs
  • wire
  • 8m x 5m plastic cover
  • wooden frame (optional)


1. Preparation of soil.

The more weeds you remove now, the less you will have to remove of them later ;) 🌱


2. Digging holes for the Posts.

Make sure you dig a hole deep enough, around a shovel deep or more. 🏡


3. Digging holes for the Wooden Frame (optional).

Wooden frame is needed to keep the soil from collapsing into the hole and the Hole is needed to give more standing up room.


4. Secure the Posts.

Use many stones, little ones and big ones together with soil to secure the post in place. You shouldn't be able to move the post much once it's done. Everytime you throw some stones with dirt in, try to compress it as much as possible.


5. Insert the metal Arcs and Connect them with Wire.

Space them evenly, doesn't have to be Perfect. Tomatoes won't mind. 🍅 Secure the arcs to wire which is connecting the posts. Can use rope, zip ties or lighter wire. ALSO, I put wires on each side of the greenhouse (half way up) to hold the plastic sheet from collapsing on the plants.


6. Plant your Tomatoes 🍅 and other goodies 🌱.


7. Cover the whole thing with plastic sheet.

Cut ventilation holes on both sides like you see in picture. (It was prettier the first time I put this together :))


9. Secure the Plastic Cover with Rocks or anything heavy you have.


10. Enjoy Growing your Plants! 🌱


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