Gardening is a Delicious Hobby! #3

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Will a few minutes a day growing and eating food in our gardens help us feel better today, prevent most of the leading causes of death, and give us delicious tasting food to eat with a direct connection to the Earth? For me the answer is a big YES especially after reading the book How Not To Die as recommended by my Uncle Joe who is a medical doctor with his own practice and asks all of his patients to read it on his first visit.

Executive summary for How Not To Die: A whole plant based diet (fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, herbs, and spices) has been proven in hundreds of studies to prevent all 15 of the top causes of death AND in my experience helps me avoid 90% of bad moods especially depression AND helps me maintain a ridiculously high energy level all day every day.

I am very grateful today that at 33 years old after a year and a half of eating mostly vegan on a whole plant based diet, I realized instead of buying ten pounds of fruits and vegetables at the store each week, I might be better off growing some of my own! Will you take a look through my third gardening update because I was inspired to start my own garden reading posts just like this on Steem? If you missed the first two posts in this series ...

Part 1
Part 2

To begin, here is a look at me with my tomato plants in the background and cages to help them grow higher!


After beginning my garden and starting to scale it up, I made several more big trips to Home Depot for a new hose, fertilizer (plant based), more soil, and a composter!


I also ordered a worm bin for additional composing because we a garden as big as we are making and with as many fruits and vegetables as I eat, we have a large capacity for composting!


Madeleine helped me hold the door open for the shed where the worm composter is!


After building my own fence in the last post to keep the dogs out, I added a whole new section of the garden to plant potatoes and carrots!


A look inside one of the potato bags.


On the other side of the garden, we added the fertilizer to the kale plants to help them grow.


I feel the same way as Madeleine as I try to get everything planned perfectly.


Building the composter took a couple hours one Sunday listening to an electronic dance music video on YouTube recommended by a friend.


Madeleine helped me fill up the first side with leaves and we started adding the extra parts of our fruits and vegetables right away!


A few weeks later, the kale starts to come up and we begin eating it right away straight off the plant!


Meanwhile we actually hit a low near freezing one night in Saint Petersburg, Florida which left the pepper plants looking like they just heard one of my songs.


Just before bolting, the spinach plants were producing like crazy and were delicious to just pick straight off and eat!


Thank you to each author on Steem that inspired me to start my own garden and now spend time in it every day! I am amazed at what a rewarding hobby this is from the beginning and am grateful I will soon have more updates for you from the garden!

Jerry Banfield


I like gardening. Its so refreshing just to look at the green colour. You have good space for gardening. Hopefully one day crypto will earn me enough profit to buy a house with a big garden and eat fresh fruits.

Yea takes away from having to trust a farmer! Grow it yourself!


what the hell is going on in this meme, is the farmer beating the cow? wouldnt be the first, looks like it by the cows eyes!

"Agriculture is not so much work as skill and art.
It is necessary to find time to perceive and comprehend your experience".
Rudolf Steiner

Love gardening my self @Jerrybanfield
Never tried spinat though, so going to mak it a project this summer. Thx for the tip :)

Second post on Veganism today. Steemit is really steeming with Vegans. Love it :)

Well, I disagree with your meme. But love this post. Nameste


You are far from superior.


Vegans don't know what that means...
Because they are never at full energy level to compute.

I understand how that garbage meme that bitbulls posted could be insulting, and that kind of elitism is bad, no matter where it is applied. However, your ill-informed rebuttal strikes the same cord.

I was neither offended,

Nor give a fuck if I offended.

One opinion... and another opinion.

Followed by your over exaggeration and delusional view.

Since dealing in absolutes is complete madness, opinions are indeed all that we have. However, some opinions are more informed than others, and simply based on your language, coupled with how you chose to express yourself one can only assume you were either offended or ill-informed.

You try too hard man.. and by the end of your dribble.. the point is lost.
Try to shorten it so that you can have some effect.

One can assume what they like.
Does not mean anything.
That belief existed in your mind and in your mind alone.

^ See what I mean.

  • First line: Referencing your point without reciting it.
  • Second line: Dismantling it as nonsensical.
  • Third line: Clarifying it's insignificance and non impact.

I like you, you rise to a challenge.
So take these as constructive tips,
Because I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

You tell me to shorten my response, yet you make yours twice as long. Then you imply I have some beliefs, yet I never even disclosed my position to you. And then you proceed to self-proclaim your victory. And all that is justified in your mind because you know what you're talking about? I see. :)

Well I had to school your ass.

The three lines would have been the ONLY reply if I didn't care about my pupils.
And beliefs is what you stated.. idiot.. not your fucken personal beliefs... shiit.. !

I'm close to sending you to the time out corner.. check yourself little timmy !!

And YES.... this mind is superior enough to make definitive statements.

The benefits of being GODLY.

You do realize you're just spewing insults right? You've been doing that since your first reply on this thread. If you think that's "schooling" I can only imagine what a hard upbringing you must have had. I truly feel bad for you and sincerely wish you all the best.

Back to nature.
If you have the will, you will have the time.
Naturally the benefit belongs to the hard working steemian.
Wish one day I can do that.
Keep on steemin'

Gardening is very exciting. It feels wonderful to see plants growing. Great post @jerrybanfield and my love to the cute kid.

This is great and exactly what I'm going to be doing one day. Growing your own food is so important, it really empowers you to become self-sufficient. I love the idea of worms. No waste for food scraps, feed it to the worms!

Gardening is a healthy hobby. Usually, we are doing an organic gardening that is less in chemical and pesticides unlike to that vege from the market which is rich in pesticides.

You should throw some cannabis seeds in those pots!

Living off the land is ideal way of being free and independent. Awesome job.

Nice hobby. Chils is so cute))

Jerry, very instructional how to and descriptive formula for planting a garden. You make it look so easy! But I can tell it's a lot of work. I like how you inject random bits of humor into your post. You say you eat ten pounds of vegetables a week! Crazy. I bet it does improve mental health and reduces disease/cancer. What if we want to gain muscle? Can we eat meats and tons of vegetables and be safe? Or is all meat bad? Even say a lean meat like fish or chicken?

Amazing gardening . Have you tried to do it earlier or this is ur first time? Look like a pro @jerrybanfield

Sure it is!

For peace and fresh vegetables Gardening is must❤

Thats good,variety of plants you got in there. I will be starting my garden soon. Havent finish tending the soil yet plus I am a slacker. A lot of things in my mind.

gardening is one of the best time pass especially for the retired people

Good post :)

I see you have lots of plants in containers, @jerrybanfield. Container gardening can really make the process easier -- there's less breaking up and amendment of the soil, less bending over or crouching down, easier to pick a few leaves and make a salad quickly, etc.

Something else that is easy and cool ~ straw bale gardening. Dig 3 or 4 holes with a spade in a bale of straw, fill the holes with potting soil, and put your plants in. As the season progresses, the straw will start to break down and compost, giving the plants some nutrients. And at the end of the season, break the bale apart and use as mulch.

Here I have basil and cilantro growing in a bale last summer. :-)

straw bale garden (2).jpg

Yes, that's funny

Fun... Meaning, enjoy. Not funny like a laugh.

I meant as yours --Its fun. I did not try to make a laugh. In fact, I love gardening and I have a Banana Garden in my village home. I visit my village home and this garden at weekend. May be my word did not fit the sense.

LOL... Clarify it next time... (^_^)

You have a banana garden @selimuddin? We LOVE bananas! In fact, we ARE bananas! :-)
Settin the record straight 300x160.png

Yes, I have. Enjoyed so much your comments full of fun, hahhaaa

Thanks! We would love to see a banana garden some day, full of banana palms.

Yes, @kennyroy ~ It's fun having my plants in a straw bale, and people always commented on it when they saw them. :-)

What a cool idea! It looks nice too. Have you seen the plants thrive?

Yes, @amorrisreports. The plants seemed to love being in the straw bale. I grew herbs there, but I'm thinking tomato plants might like it too, as long as there's lots of sun. The straw holds water well, too, so the roots don't dry out like they often do in plastic or clay containers.

You look happier in the garden :P

Gardening is a very valuable activity and those who practice it are virtuous people who know how to appreciate nature. Here is an image of what I have been able to harvest.

Greetings @jerrybanfield


You do gardening, Worm Composting and grow in grow bags too! Now I have even more respect for you hahaha.
Allow me to show off my DIY worm bin I called Gargantua:

Gargantua Worm Bin CFT

I love the bags. I will try to grow sweet potatoes in bags this year if I remember to get the slips at the nursery at the right time.

I am a fan of your works sir.
The only thing i want to say is the smile in your face seems so real that makes me visit and read your post everyday.

As a fellow Floridian with a small backyard, we have no excuse for not starting to grow at least some vegetables. I recently started a good size garden. Their is a learning curve, but it is incredibility fun and full fulling.

Hipocrates decía "que tu medicina sea tu alimento y que tu alimento sea tu medicina" y eso ha demostrado ser verdad después de centurias de él haberlo afirmado, Dios en su suprema inteligencia coloco todas las vitaminas y minerales que necesitamos en las plantas, frutas, verduras y hortalizas y el cultivo en casa además de relajarnos nos nutre.

Hippocrates said "that your medicine is your food and that your food is your medicine" and that has proven to be true after centuries of having affirmed it, God in his supreme intelligence placed all the vitamins and minerals that we need in plants, fruits, Vegetables and home grown crops in addition to relaxing nourishes us.

Amazing story dear @jerrybanfield
it's a great time you spend with your own dream @jerrybanfield
@jerrybanfield you are great member of our community
god bless you Jerry Banfield

who is agree with mee ?

Great experiment. I like the fact you decided to give it a try. Even for fun if it, it worths it...

You got a beautiful little daughter. 👌

My regards to the family.


@eurogee thank you and I am happy to be here again with you in the comments!

You inspire me and millions ✌️

Starting my garden soon. Can't wait to see how things turn out.

Woot Vegans lol! Love the post. I will be featuring garden design and construction on my page in the near future, be sure to follow along and check out the projects as they develop!

Very beautiful. life. homesteading post this post to you for thank you very much, and this post a lot like and like post vote and comments and post share, I like this post a total of all see and this post to everyone can vote

Looks tastYour amazing post is verry good,you deserve something valuable in esteem..

The potato bag is beautiful and the garden looks great, nice photos @jerrybanfield

Thanks for share experience front us

Woow amazing.
My family and I also love gardening and we no longer buy vegetables in the market because it is already in the garden itself.
You really are a great person.

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you are doing well

Gardening is a fun job. I love it. here we can interact with nature and plants. eliminating stress. watching it every day just as we see our posts.
I have some plants like durian, dates, and tin.
congratulations gardening brother, good fun

I love to garden. My husband recently built a composting bin for me. I will be able to add the results to my garden this year. I would like to know more about the worm bin...

Thank you Jerry for the post and the inspiration. At only 33 you have done a lot with your life and from what I can gather are incredibly productive. Keep spreading the love and sharing your life. I enjoy all of your posts!

I'm disappointed @jerrybanfield can't comment your post first

If only my dog stopped destroyed everything I planted 😂 your garden looks like it’s coming along nicely, great job!

I like to make gardening, Itsmy aim also

yes it is, no doubt, I love spending time in my garden.

I love gardening because tree gives me oxygen.your baby is so cute. you know first, i know about steemit from your youtube video. thanks @jerrybanfield.

Wow wow wow, i do love home grown & organic foods. I'm so happy to see those tomato plants, they'r really healthy. And i thing your child is very curious about tomatoes as i'm too. Look forward to see the beauty of tomatoes.

very beautifull brother.. 🙏🙏

It really is a rewarding, healthy, worthwhile hobby. I can't wait to see your garden grow more and more.

Great in depth look at gardening. By the way I did not recognize you in the thumbnail. You look healthier.
My question is how do you find the time to do all these? It's just amazing.
Thank you for sharing and you are an inspiration.

Wow! This is what I want to see from you for a change! Hahaha... I love it!!! All natural! GARDENING is good to my eyes! Plus to see your kids and family... (^_^)

God bless you and your family @jerrybanfield...

Growing your own food is the best for your health when consuming your own produce.

We have a garden near Seattle. We harvested potatoes today. Love your photos. Great to encourage more people to do this.

Exercise does a body right as well.

@jerrybanfield I love gardening and enjoyed this post a lot. We used to have a 40x40 garden and I miss it so much! I recently went vegan and would love my garden more than ever now. Going vegan was the best decision I ever made. Thank you for sharing, it's cool to see the process of getting it started.

"Grow Organic & Eat Organic"
The vegetables and fruits we buy in markets go under various process of chemical pesticides spraying. Which indeed can cause various health related problem (eg: cancer,). We even see most of life span of human today is just in range of 50-70. Its just bcz of this. I even like gardening & spend most of time in it..
@jerrybanfield it would b great u use ur leftover of kitchen as a fertilizer in ur gardening after some needful processing. Indians use cowdung as manure fertilizer in farms which indeed much useful for plants.. U even can use earthworms in ur garden as it makes soil much fertile..

what is the name your little child bro?
is nice have one

gardening i don't really like. but is the way you more

Gardening, helps keeping fit, give wholesome food, keeps children busy)))

Very impressive! Personally I know nothing about gardening, but living off the land is definately the healthy way to go.

I am trying to be as much as natural i can be. I love green vegetables all day long :)

Gardening is a lot of fun, not only can you eat what you grow.. It's great for the mind and soul.. Just digging in the dirt. And being able to teach your daughter how to make a garden.... She'll remember these times when she get older. We are sort of neighbors @jerrrybanfield.. I live out in Belleair Bluffs .. Just thought I'd throw that out Thanks for sharing your fun day..

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It's my birthday Jerry. Please can I get a resteem from you? Thank you!!!

It is my dream to have my own garden like yours OMG I envy you, just seeing green living things makes me calm and alive. Plants and trees helps my inner soul to be at peace so I'm very much happy to see someone living my dream. I aim to be a vegetarian too but I always go back to meatsss. Can someone give me an advice?

We Steemians need a time out as well sometimes from the cyber world and what could have been a better way to do so than gardening? Yay! I love all the photos. You got lots of plants there @jerrybanfield. 🌱 Lol @ young Madeleine there with that cute little hand in her forehead, me a month ago now as I imagine how would I rearrange our messy container garden. 😅

Great work......every should go for there hobby atleast for one hour a day because it keep your mind calm.
I like to cook after a stressful day.👍

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Hi @jerrybanfield 😁 long time no chat. I hope you are well. This post caught my attention on facebook... You should follow my mom @lizziesworld. She is a MASSIVE green fingers and she puts out lots of awesome tips and advice for organic gardening.

She ran the nurserymens association of South Africa for many years and she really knows her stuff!! I think it's really awesome that this is the route you are going.

I would do the same but my garden gets hardly any sun and most veg are sun lovers.

Anyhooo... Just thought I would drop by to mention that. Happy gardening!! It sure is an awesome hobby... very good for the soul too.

Take care.

Thank you @jaynie for your comment and recommending I follow your mom @lizziesworld.
I appreciate you also making a witness vote for me at because your witness vote helps indefinitely to fund projects growing Steem via @budgets!

Brother I have 20 steem in my wallet. If I upvote my content/comment not showing any value($0.00).why

Only a pleasure @jerrybanfield. :) Voted for you many moons back actually haha :) Oh and PS... I know you like to try your hand at all sorts of things, and I actually tagged you in my new cooking challenge ;) You strike me as the kind of guy that would give a good hand at cooking... so would LOVE to now if you would be game to give it a shot :)

I wouldn't normally post links as you know... but would be amped to see you do it :) haha
Do I need to get @laurabanfield to convince you? hehehe

dooo itttt!!! :)

Gardening is real fun and fulfilling. I stay in an apartment now but back when I was a kid and we had a backyard, I remember putting all my life and soul into growing this ladies finger plant. Wish I could get back to it now, seeing this.

Delicious hobby , this great 😊
Garden is nice palace to relax..

Incredibly, this is an interesting post, do you love gardening too?
What crop is planted?

You are amazing @jerrybenifield,
Very good in our home yard planting household needs, especially young plants, I also really like hydroponics plants

Nice plant, good luck harvest @jerrybenifield, I like Seledry

very good hobby. i am also free time trying to concentrate gardening. i don't have good knowledge that reason my garden flower not grow well.
carry on dear.

jerry we love you

follow and vote me brother..

As being a ex-chef I am still so freaking passionate about food especially when it comes to growing your own veggies, herbs, and fruits. I always can remember how excited I got when I had my break at my work to get outside to pick my own fresh vegetables out of the garden and started to cook with it. So I'm also in love with this post, and also a little bit with your lovely daughter :) I am going to follow this process for sure! Those peppers and tomato-plants are already looking great! Have a great sunday.

You look happier in the garden

I think it's great what you're doing. I hope Madeleine figured it all out.
So, you're in Florida? I'm in Germany and yesterday was the first day that was sunny and snow-free enough to inspire me to venture out to the garden and start cleaning out the green house.
Here, you can hardly plant anything before May. I'm an amateur, but I'll try again this year to produce some good food for us three. And of course I'll post pictures in steemit on the way. Happy gardening!
P.S. the only thing that hurts me is when I see these big, thick plastic things that live practically forever. We also have two compost containers that are plastic, but now we're trying to be consistent about not buying plastic. Sometimes you can't get around it, but that's why we have to change things.

There is something extremely satisfying about sitting down for a meal and everything had been grown on your place! Tastes better! You know what has been added and what has not.
Thanks and God bless!
Daddy William

Great to see you are into gardening too - as well as everything else.

I love gardening and cooking but have little time devoted to both

Hey Jerry. Looking good bro.

I see the garden as such a great healer and teacher. It connects people, planet, and cosmos, in a collaborative symphony of giving and receiving.

I've been practising permaculture and growing my own food and medecine for three years now. One of the things ive enjoyed most, is the opportunity that a garden provides to get into sync with the natural rythms of the cosmos. A great way to explore practical astrology, getting back in time with the seasons (solar cycles), the lunar cycles, and the planetary cycles.

Wish you all the best with the abundant journey ahead.

your is the best
good I'm like your posting
please vote me and follow me @anzeli

Nothing better than eating from your own crops, it tastes a lot of different than fruits and vegetables you find at the supermarket.

yay Jerry.. thats the way! once you get your composting going you wont even have to buy any more soil or special powders...

I cant wait to see your face once you taste how good they come out..

That backyard needs some perennial veggies, berries and fruit trees.

I’m not familiar with appropriate plants for your zone, being from the frigid north, but I’m sure fellow Steemians could make suggestions.

You are more than welcome, dear @jerrybanfield!

It is amazing how much power you get from spending time with nature. That´s reminds me about the positive effects by doing grounding or others call it earthing.

Have you ever heart about it?

I wish you a lot of fun, peace, joy & harmony with your gardening.

...and happiness in your life! 😊

your @mynaturebody 🌱

Very Good Post! I once had a large garden composter, it was about a 42" or larger SPHERE with a hatch on it. The idea was to roll it around and work the compost up. It was great, until a hornet colony took it over! It did not take them long, I prolly did not roll it for 3-4 days and they were established :D
Best of luck with your gardens! I now have some beds I made up in "Square Foot Garden" style, using concrete blocks. In Indiana we have a shorter growing season... I'd love to have a greenhouse on my south facing side. Can you hear the gears GRINDING? lol
Keep it up, Jerry. I think my autovoter has an opening ;)

Good for you Jerry. Not only will the food you grow taste better and be healthier than the stuff you buy in stores, the very act of growing it will help to keep you fit.
I don't know about the States, but here in the UK we have a number of high profile gardeners who have become very well known on TV, online, and in books and magazines. Could you be the next?!

Good Life Your

Yes me too i would love crypto to give me this too plus a yoga studio i can teach from :)

Esta hermoso, felicidades. definitivamente es un excelente plan el de cultivar en casa lo que vamos a comer, así ayudamos al mundo y sobre todo a nosotros mismos♥

Fitness is life! As long as you WANT it bad enough. Most folks are all talk..


A wiser man than I once said: "the revolution begins in your pantry & your medicine cabinet". Fight on Jerry!

rich man is free to do whatever you like

Back in those days my family once had a garden and it was always fun

I wish I had a farm

Lovely post - may you have many happy gardening days ahead !!

Wow, you've put so much effort to this, looking great already! Everything from your own garden also tastes so much better than anything you can buy from stores. At this point of my life, I can only dream of my own garden, but one day... 😊

I am far from eating vegan but I do believe in growing your own healthy foods. Really great that you have gotten all this started. I would upgrade the worm bins though since the cost will pay for itself in just quality fertilizers. Until you can produce enough for your planting aerated worm teas are a fantastic way to stretch your castings and produce good quality spray on fertilizers for you plants. The best bin for the buck right now is the new Urban Worm bag. Unless you want to get on up into the worm wigwams like I use or custom build your own CFT worm bin it is a really nice bin. I actually use a tumbler composter to prep my worm bin food. I have a few articles I have done so far on my worms if you get interested. Great article I look forward to reading more about your garden.