The Oregon Curlfree Peach Tree - A Review for Tree Tuesday

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Oregon Curlfree is my favorite peach tree to grow, hands down! It might be yours, too, once you get to know it! Come into my post to find out more about a productive and disease-resistant peach tree with fruit that is so delicious and juicy -- right off the tree!

x curlfree peach TN.jpg
That's a pretty peach! And pretty amazing to eat, too!

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Peach Leaf Curl

For fruit growers, the benefit of this tree is right in its name -- Curlfree! Peach leaf curl is the scourge of peach growers everywhere where the spring weather is wet and cool, with temperatures generally below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Peach trees can be really challenging to grow - or even keep alive - in those cool and wet springtime conditions.

x peach leaf curl 2.gif
The scourge of peach growers! Peach leaf curl. It can kill a tree in a few years.

Plenty of folks will spray to prevent peach leaf curl, but that costs money. And that spraying has to be consistent over time, with each spraying done at just the right time.

The Oregon Curlfree Peach tree doesn't need any of that! It's resistant to Peach Leaf Curl. So it's a great peach for growing organic fruit.

x curlfree peaches 4.gif
There's no peach leaf curl there!

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A Pretty Little Peach Tree

Oregon Curlfree is a pretty little peach tree. It's a smaller sized tree that fits will in an urban landscape. It's easy to keep at only 8 feet high. And it does well even when it's not in full, direct sun all day. The tree and its pink blossoms look nice enough for growing in a front yard, too!

x curlfree peach blossom.jpg
The Oregon Curlfree Peach would look nice in any neighborhood front yard.

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The Best Peach I Have Ever Eaten!

But what about the peaches? Oregon Curlfreee peaches are the best flavored peaches I have ever eaten! They are amazing as a peach for eating fresh, right off the tree. That's the advantage of a homegrown Oregon Curlfree peach -- you can wait until they are really ripe.

x curlfree peaches 3.gif
Curlfree peaches aren't the most colorful peach. But don't be fooled by that green cast on the shoulders of the fruit!

Oregon Curlfree peaches don't necessarily look ripe, because they keep a greenish cast, even when they are soft. When the top of the peaches give a little, under the pressure of your thumb, they are perfect!

x curlfree peaches 6-1.gif
A little press on the top of the fruit will tell if it's ripe. When it gives, just a bit -- that's the right time for Curlfree!

Some peaches will get mealy and lose flavor if they are left to mature on the tree too long. Not Oregon Curlfree! They just get sweeter and sweeter, peachier and peachier, and juicier and juicier! If you're going to eat the peach, whole, do it outdoors, leaning over, so all that juice doesn't dribble down your shirt!

x curlfree peaches 7.gif
That's the look of folks enjoying a super juicy, super delicious peach, right off the tree! These two guys demonstrate the best way to eat berries, too!

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Best Uses of an Oregon Curlfree Peach

There are folks that don't like the fuzziness of a peach - and Oregon Curlfree peaches are fuzzy! But they peel so easily when they are ripe! And they are cling-free, or freestone, peaches, too. So the pits some out clean and easy. That makes for a pretty peach to serve on a plate.

x curlfree peaches 10.gif
Look how nice those two halves separate! The pit comes out really easy from a freestone, or clingfree, style of peach, like Curlfree.

I don't think that Oregon Curlfree make very good peaches for cooking, canning, or freezing, because they are a low-acid peach. Instead, because they don't get ripe all at one, just enjoy the amazing abundance of eating fresh peaches, day after day, for a month or longer, in the middle of peach season, depending on the weather.

x curlfree peaches 9.gif
Look how easy that peach peels! I don't mind a fuzzy peach, but some folks prefer peaches without the peel and fuzz.

Use other peach varieties for cooking or preserving. I'll show you my recommendation of that sort of peach to grow in the next Tree Tuesday, so stay tuned! :D

x curlfree peaches 8.gif
Curlfree is such great peach, but it's so tender, you won't find the fruit for sale in any market!

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Get An Oregon Curlfree Peach Tree

Where can you get an Oregon Curlfree peach tree to plant yourself? The Oregon Curlfree peach is just starting to show up on a few lists of recommended varieties from fruit growing groups. They are on the recommended lists from California, Oregon, and Connecticut Cooperative Extension, so it's well adapted to conditions in those states and places like them.

x curlfree peaches 1.gif
Oregon Curlfree is a great peach for growing without having to spray chemicals. No peach leaf curl.

Oregon Curlfree peach trees are yet not sold by a lot of nurseries. I got my tree by mail order from One Green World in Oregon 6 years ago, and have been harvesting peaches for 5 years. I've seen it offered by Rolling River Nursery in California, too. I'm not affiliated with either place. If you ever see it offered somewhere else, I'd appreciate you letting me know!

x curlfree peaches 5-1.gif
And loads of the best tasting peach I have ever had, fresh from the tree!

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Bottom Line

I've been so pleased with my Oregon Curlfree peach tree. It has been so free of disease! If you've had trouble with peach leaf curl and like to eat fresh peaches, this could be the right variety for you! If you want to hear a live review of how they taste, I have a video review of this peach tree, too.

x curlfree peaches 11.gif
In July and August, I eat a lot of peaches! Such abundance, with so little effort. It hardly seems right.

x curlfree peach 1.jpg

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What Do You Think?

I hope you get a chance to try the Oregon Curlfree Peach sometime -- or enjoy whatever peach grows well in your area!

  • Do you like to eat peaches?
  • Have you ever grown any peaches?
  • What's your favorite kind of peach?
  • Have you heard of the Curlfree peach?

Thanks to @old-guy-photos for the Tree Tuesday tag! And to all the tree lovers!

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So juicy pfotos!
I like peaches but most of them are not our local, they are brought from warmer regions - from the Crimea or Turkey. We tried to plant them several times, but we have cold conditions for them and in winter they usually die. This can be in the second or third year... I have already accepted the idea that I do not have my own peaches:-(


That's too bad that you can't grow peaches in your area. I think the same way about apricots and almonds. My climate is not what they want. I'm glad you can enjoy peaches sometimes. And I'm glad you have some fruit that does well in your area, even though it's not peaches.

WOW! A lot of peaches on the tree in your garden. They look really fresh and beautiful and very tasty. The peaches in our supermarket here are very expensive, (they are imported fruits), so I haven’t eaten them yet. Ha ha! I think they are different kinds from your peaches.

You have very nice garden with a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables. It’s my utmost dream to have a large garden with various kinds of fruits, so that I can pick them up from the trees and eat them in the garden like you and your friends did.

Your cat in your video is very cute, even just a second that I saw. As far as I can remember, you didn’t present your cat in Steemit before, right? Perhaps, we would see your cat in your post someday, would it be possible?…. ;)


I'm fortunate to have so many fruit trees, for sure. I hope you can wander in a garden and eat fruit from the trees and shrubs, too. It's a wonderful time! I have not shown my cats. I will have to ask them what they think about being on Steemit! ; )


Ha ha! I bet they would love being on Steemit, for sure! ;)


They will require a treat as a reward, lol! ; )


Ah! I would love to send them a treat from here.... ;D

very inspiring your post, in my place in Aceh, indonesia Plant Pamelo, this fruit is very bugus for heart health.SAM_0439.JPG



Wow! That's some nice fruit, @hendrimirza! I don't think I've seen pamelo that big! We have them in our markets, but not big like yours! Very nice! Thanks for sharing those pictures. :D


Yes equally ,, This pamelo weighs about 1 to 2 kg .. It feels very sweet.

I love peaches and I learned something new! I have to say I eat the fuzzy and have never peeled a peach, but those sure seem easy to do!!


When I peel the peaches, I end up eating the peels anyway. In the old homesteading and canning books, they always make such a big deal about peeling peaches. They go on about dunking them in boiling water for a short bit, to loosen the skins. And canning peaches is a lot more trouble with the cling peaches, where the pit won't come out very easy. Here's to lots of peaches this summer - and easy eating -- peels, too! :D

I used to dry peaches ... they were pretty good. I used them in lieu of crackers for cheese. Pretty delicious:) Lovely photos to go along with this blog. I wonder if the curlfree would do well on the BC coast. The winter days might be too long.


That's a good idea, using dried fruit instead of crackers. I've been eating dried pears lately. I should try them with some cheese! I have read about folks growing Curlfree in BC, with success. You have the same troubles with the cool, wet springtime weather that spreads leaf curl. It's in the rain, so getting a resistant variety makes a big difference. Mine get ripe in July, so even if you were a month later, there's still plenty of time for the peaches to ripen up in August.


We do grow some wonderful peaches in the Okanagan but they have a very dry hot summer. They have a little community garden in the building where I live. There is a peach tree but the fruit wasn't so good. LOL.
Yes, try those pears with goat cheese... just wonderful:)

Hmmm, never heard of that variety. Beautiful flowers and you can just tell by how far forward they are leaning that those are some juicy peaches, nice post!!!


Thanks, @cognoscere! I've got some plums where they have to lean over the same way, lol. I don't think many people have heard of this variety. Or the one I'll post about next Tree Tuesday. But they are great disease-resistant trees. Otherwise, I don't think I could get a reliable harvest. I have some seedling peaches and they get that leaf curl. Some years they have peaches and other years they just hang on for dear life. Here's to summer peaches! Really juicy ones! :D

Awesome info, thank you. How do they do in slightly drier and sunnier conditions. I’m in Eastern Washington and I would love to add a peach tree to the yard! We especially need some kind of tree to shade the front window of the house. It gets so hot in the summer :(


In general, peaches will do well in drier and sunnier conditions. Eastern Washington is some great fruit-growing country! Your county extension office probably has some recommendations for varieties that do well in your area -- even without spraying. And the folks at One Green World in Oregon, that sell this variety, probably know how it does in east of the Cascades, too. I'll let you know about another variety, Charlotte, next Tree Tuesday. It's a nice peach, too. Then again, my grandmother just threw peach pits out into the garden with her kitchen scraps, and always had peach trees and peaches. No named varieties, just seedlings. Most of them were pretty good, too. But that was in Missouri, where they peach leaf curl wasn't such a problem.


I grew up in Joplin haha. Actually quite a few homesteaders from Missouri here on Steemit it seems :) THanks for the info


There sure are a lot from Missouri -- and Arkansas, too. I hope you get a chance to meetup with some folks here on Steemit! My family lived in southeast Kansas when I was a young kid. Folks would drive over to Joplin for cheap gasoline -- 18-25 cents a gallon! It's funny to think how far my parents drove for 6 cents a gallon.

This has been the BEST post i've read all day!
You truly know your stuff. That was such an in-depth explanation of all things curlfree peach. I felt like I was reading a documentary.


Thanks, @doctorcrypto! I'm glad you enjoyed my peach documentary! : ) And I hope you get to enjoy plenty of real peaches this summer!

Those faces after eating it - best gif ;)
Yes I love eat peaches from our vineyard, that I know thats it fresh a really tasty :)


I'm glad you liked that gif of the peach-eaters, @liltammy! They ate a lot of my peaches that day, lol. And I'm glad you get to each plenty of fresh peaches, too. That's when they are best, for sure! :D

The peach tree blossoms are unforgettable beautiful and all the videos made me crave a peach right now at 11:30 p.m. @haphazard-hstead Yummy post! 🍑🌳🍑


haha -- It would be nice to have a delicious peach right off the tree! My Curlfree tree has just started blooming last week. Here's to lots of peaches for both of us this summer! :D

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Peaches are the best ....