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in gardening •  8 months ago

Oh how lovely!! A little blue spring bulb has sprung up in the garden! Spring is finally here....NOT!!!


Oh, Mother Nature...can't this madness be stopped?? We've had 2 nor'easters already this month with another one coming tomorrow. The first 2 downed trees and electrical wires all over our town, not to mention all over New Jersey and the entire northeast. It's still a mess along the streets where everyone has piled their logs and branches.

This is the 'smaller' pile in front of my house.

It grew in size after taking down this bad boy...

Luckily it didn't take down our internet or electricity, but up the street, a tree went through the roof, thru the attic, and into a 2nd floor bedroom. Another tree fell across the avenue at the top of my street, taking down the telephone/electric pole and leaving live wires strewn across my friend's driveway.

Well, enough bad news and enough thinking about the next nor'easter scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning to dump 12-18 inches of heavy sludgy snow...yuck.

Here's some nice news...spring really is ready to burst forth around my house, and along with the blue bulb at top, here's more proof...

Lilac buds!!





Awwww, so pretty. Luckily these plants are pretty resilient.

Snowstorm TIP #1: Try to go out a few times during the storm and knock off the heavy snow from your shrubs else they could be squashed flat :0(

Snowstorm TIP #2: Go outside with CAUTION!! Watchout for falling branches from tall trees! Watchout for falling trees!!

Happy Snowday tomorrow!


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Awesome photos ! I love seeing the first signs of spring , thanks for sharing !upped and followed !👍😀🌺🌼🌸🌷


thanks karenmckersie. I've been following you for a have a great knack for memes!!


Awe thanks !💕✌👍

Nice post @gardenlady
Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing! I know the calendar now says "spring", but I am waiting for the temperature to say spring too!


I know! me too.

awesome shots today the nature is evergreen wonderful :D

We've been lucky here in that those storms have missed us, only getting 5" of snow which is all gone now. I hope your plants all survive just fine!

We have had some wind, so there's plenty of small branches out there that will have to be cleaned up.


thanks goldenoakfarm! the plants are so resilient...I just hope no more large branches come down!!

the shots in this one are really incredible so nice to see it :)

Helibores wow never seen that in my life its really cool

My heart is with you. When the heart yearns for spring it is difficult to accept the snow. However it is closer every day. This time of year in, NW USA, I anxiously await dry weather (we have so much rain) so I can clear away last years maple leaves and ready my garden for spring.

Here is a photo of my crocus taken last month; a true sign spring is on the way here.

I'll keep track of your posts . Thanks


ANd me of your posts! YOur name reminds me, anyone who has witch hazel in their yard, it should be blooming away right now!


You know I don't even have witch hazel in my garden. Guess I should plant some, don't you think?


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Oh my world.... Nature is just so beautiful. Wow different colours

We are so blessed on earth. These pictures are so beautiful. I feel like touching them right now. Awwwwwnnnn