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RE: A Fall Garden in Hardiness Zone 7

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Impressive beds! It looks like you do a fantastic job keeping things organized - I guess that's necessary for a good vegie garden! My forte is flower gardens and shrubs (planting and maintenance), but I'm slowly learning about vegie gardens. Thanks for your photos and explanations!

Also, looks like you'll get a large crop of it enough just for your family? Do you freeze things when they are in abundance?


I freeze a lot of tomatoes and some peppers but that's about it. I make a lot of pasta sauce through the year so I grow 6 romas dedicated for cooking and all those plum tomatoes get frozen. Three early girls provide additional tomatoes for freezing so I can use mostly garden tomatoes for my sauces all year.

I have learned through the years how much to grow of a certain crop without having more than we need so I get a great variety of things during the growing season but not too much of anything - other than tomatoes. It works out to a savings of $1500 a year according to my calculations based on organic prices. And that doesn't count what I give to friends and neighbors.

wow, $1500 is significant!

Yes I tracked what I was getting for three years and it always came close to $1500. I was pricing it as organic which inflated the price but that is how I buy my food during the off season mostly and my garden is organic so I thought that was fair. Of course the berries account for a lot since organic berries are so expensive and I get so many in June and July. I would never buy that many berries if I wasn't growing them so it may not be considered true savings but you get the idea.