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RE: A Fall Garden in Hardiness Zone 7

Awsome post. I have already planted my beans for fall harvesting. They are about 1.5 feet high. I was bold enough, to try 2 weeks ago to plant potatoes in my raised bed. I know they need 100 days so I planned it out perfectly for the first frost. Thanks for sharing


Thanks! Good luck with your fall crop. I've been researching brussel sprouts because I never have any luck and I think it's because I put them in too early. Next year I'm not putting the plants in the garden until the beginning of July and will grow for October- December harvest. It seems the really need cold weather to produce properly.

or put them in earlier.

No that wouldn't work here. From my research they need it cold when the brussel sprouts are forming which is approximately 3 months after planting. They would have to be planted early to mid summer for that to be possible.

Really thank you for that. I was not aware of that. This is why I love steemit. To learn all I can about gardening. following you.