Food is Free Around the World

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Will this be the year that you start growing and sharing the abundance? Let's envision our communities lined in front yard community gardens and fruit trees then take the first steps to plant them!

We are the seed planters of this reality and everything first starts as a vision. The more we unite with others of like mind and heart, the quicker our seeds will sprout into fruition.

A little lettuce plant will bolt, flower and produce 10,000+ seeds, generating enough seeds to share with all of our neighbors and friends. Let's be like the lettuce and act from that same knowing that there is enough for all!

The Food is Free Project has evolved from a front yard garden to an open source movement of over 400 cities around the world. Each food sharing project is about growing and sharing food, but they all look a bit different.

Some of us have front yards, others rooftops, or maybe just a balcony or a window. Join us and let's plant a world of abundance!

Here are some of the recent highlights from the Food is Free worldwide community:

"You can't say you cannot afford to eat well. If you make time it's free! #fitzroy #melbourne #urbangypsy #garden #eatwell #foodisfree #urbanfarming"

"Sharing is caring. Happy Christmas everyone. #garden #gardening #urbangardening #moestuin #verticalgarden #allotment #tinylittlegarden #containergarden #foodisfree #sharingiscaring"

"Look who is back! Our Seeds Toolbox which was fabulously art attacked by Anne a regular long term Laneway visitor and member of our awesome Food Is Free Arts Committee. We love the little ode to our old pal Kiwi Bill (RIP) who donated the toolbox to us prior to him passing away. We hope his family love the gesture of the beautiful Kiwi bird as much as we do. Thanks Anne!"

"Little Micro Market. When we have excess produce we offer it to the locals and set up a stall in the street. This time around other people harvested and offered their own goodies to the mix.
#foodisfree #growing #micro #market #goodwill #give #earthcare #peoplecare #fairshare #organic #surfcoast #growlocal #eatseasonal #urbanfarming #permaculture "

"You know you have the coolest students when they shout, "food is free!" and "These seed packets are $FREE.99" at a showcase event. These seeds are second and third generation seeds of food and medicine saved by our Permaculture and Restorative Justice class. We also showed off part of our project design for the 6 Sisters Youth Garden 💚. So so so grateful for these teachers of mine. #permaculture #youthrising #foodisfree"

"#foodisfree outside #trentgallery 198 Long Street Waterkloof #organic #homegrown #butterlettuce #love"

You are encouraged to take any ideas from #foodisfreeproject and tailor them to fit your community. We all have something to learn from each other and knowing we're not alone makes it much easier to take a step out into our community and plant the first seeds.

Take the first step and share your #foodisfree photos on social media so we can all stay connected and spread these ripples of inspiration far and wide. I'm excited for Steemit to allow us to grow and unite in ways we are yet to imagine!

Onward and Upward,


Start a front yard community garden:

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I have a large garden, the largest in my small community. I give away at least half my goods. I set up a small stand near my drive and when it starts producing large amounts, I place it out front. I have had many thanks yous and even some tips given.

Its a good feeling that people are eating healthy stuff I grew myself.


That is so awesome to hear! Do you have any photos of that? Next time share them with #foodisfree on social media so others around the world can see and be inspired by your gifting. Onward and upward!


No pictures of the stand, I'll try to remember to take some this summer.

Here is one of the garden back in 2010, its three times that size now.



Good looking harvest! Definitely take photos of the stand this summer. Happy growing!

Food is, indeed, free! We give away lots of apples every year, both to the local food bank and to a local cider press. And, of course, to family and friends.

Hoping to grow more this year-- recapturing a patch of plain grass at the side of the house and putting in raised beds this winter. It will be some work, but worth it, in the long run.


Epic! Do you have any photos of your apple giveaways?

What an amazing idea. I love this.

I should have known I would find you on Steemit. Upvoted & followed you today, good sir!
Glad to be connected and I look forward to what you have in store for everyone this year.


Here's to the most peaceful and abundant year yet! I can feel it. Great to connect with you on here!

May I link this article and feature your username in the next issue of the Weekly Homesteading Newsletter? Please let me know, thanks!


Of course! This project is open source so share or take any ideas that inspire you and pass them along. All the best!


Happy Sunday! This comment is to inform you that your article has been linked and featured in the most recent issue of the Weekly Homesteading Newsletter! Please check it out if you have the time! Thank you!

YESSS!!! This year will be bigger and brighter than ever!!!! #FoodIsFREE!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Yes it will! This is just the beginning! Here's to the new normal where #foodisfree and #kindnessiscool :)

Love to hear about the good work going on. Very inspiring and uplifting! Definitely need more of that energy going on around the world- keep up the great work!! Great vision: resteemed :D


Thank you so much! We're all in this together!

This is so amazing! Love how you're connecting communities through food growing and seed saving. Curious to know what the six sister youth garden is. It sounds intriguing. If you haven't come across the tag #thegoodnews , you should post some of your articles under it because this is such a positive happy story! Thanks for sharing.


That's such an awesome hashtag, I'll have to check it out. I'm so excited and honored to be a part of this global community, uniting through acts of kindness and community building. Cheers!

I love this idea and you inspired me to commit the cause of making available food for free from my own future garden :)